Dos and Don’ts to keep you looking hot this summer

(Megan Crothers)

Megan Crothers

As summer inches near, it becomes evident that the time has come to  shed the husky winter layers and slip into something more comfortable.  Hemlines will rise, swimsuits will reign supreme, and tank tops will  soon be indispensable staples. This is the summer season, and it has a  style all its own. While keeping up your reputation as an extreme fashion guru, it’s important to remember a few basic rules.

DO: Embrace tissue-thin fabrics, like cotton blends or, if you have the budget for upkeep, some breezy linen.

DON’T: Torture yourself in the same layers you have been sporting just because it is your “go to” outfit. You must store your winter items and save them for proper weather.

DO: Invest in basic items, like solid tank tops and comfortable shorts, that you can mix and match with more trendy items.

DON’T: Buy weather-appropriate items that you aren’t comfortable wearing. Daisy Duke shorts and cropped tube tops aren’t for everyone. If you can’t relax in an outfit, it’s not worth it.

DO: Explore new silhouettes, like high-waisted skirts and roomy T-shirts.

DON’T: Fall victim to ridiculous fads. A walking trend only looks good in Vogue.

DO: Keep in mind what you know works for you. It’s not coincidence that you get compliments every time you wear your favorite boot-cut jeans. Being conscious of your body shape and keeping your outfits proportional will always look better than the hottest trend. Love skinny jeans? Balance them out with a roomy top, and vice versa.

DON’T: Wear an item just because it is “in”, even if it is unflattering.

DO: Embrace a signature style. Having a style combination that you can always fall back on will make dressing on days you wake up late infinitely easier. If you love to wear cardigans over old band T-shirts, then start stocking up. Remaining faithful to your signature style makes you more unique than the most educated trend-followers.

DON’T: Drool over every incoming fad without considering how you can make it work for you.

DO: Be comfortable.

DON’T: Wear tights as pants.

DO: Shop vintage and second-hand. It’s eco-friendly and easy on your wallet, not to mention ensures that no one will have the same outfit.

DON’T: Throw away old clothing. Give it to the Salvation Army or other such organization.

DO: Stockpile unique accessories. Belts, scarves, and jewelry can jazz up your most basic items and make on old wardrobe feel new without blowing a ton of money. Cinching a thick belt around an old over-sized dress can suddenly make for a wearable ensemble.

DON’T: Be a slave to designers. Designers can be innovative and brilliant, but don’t obsess over owning their collections if you don’t have the means to do so. Most low-budget chain stores will pick up on key trends within the month, anyways.

So now that you are armed with an arsenal of fashion knowledge, you are ready to take the summer season by storm. Just remember: stay true to your unique style and keep comfort as a top priority. HAGS.