Clash of the Titans

Casie Nguyen

Excited at seeing the high impact action scenes with cool rock music trailers, I was a bit disappointed by the final product of Clash of the Tians. Although I was expecting a load of bloodshed, chopped off  body parts etc, the film didn’t have a lot of that due to it’s PG-13 rating. The plot was decent, Zeus’s son, Peruses (played by Sam Worrington) is a demi God who seeks revenge for his family’s death, sets off on a quest to defeat Hades and save Princess Andromeda who is being sacrificed to the Kraken. Along the way he has to capture Pegasus defeat the Kraken and battle Medusa.  Zeus fears that he is loosing power from Man and Hades tires to bring fear to man so he will have more power.  I was surprised there was no romantic plot, but rather Peruses saves Andromeda as a duty to the Gods.
There are some differences in mythology, for example Pegasus is a black horse, the Stuvian witches did not want to eat Peruses etc. I don’t think that there was any chemistry between the characters such as Andromeda and Peruses or Lo. Zeus was played by Liam Neeson was in the film, and honestly, I thought he could’ve done better. The acting was mediocre, passable, but kind of cheesy.
There was no character development and the plot was rushed. Characters would be briefly introduced, and then died. Back stories were told briefly rather than flashbacks.
What made the film very interesting to watch was the CGI graphics. If anything, the CGI graphics definitely made the film more entertaining than the vengeful plot. The battle sequences were phenomenal as they battled the various villains. Although Medusa looks too fake at times, the Kraken’s details was amazing as the audience fell it’s horror and power. A lot of the battle sequences were way toned down due to the PG-13 rating, to make the film more family friendly.
Clash of the Titans is supposed to be a remake of the 1981 version, and from what I heard in the audience afterwards, there was a lot of differences. As a standalone, this movie is entertaining, but it could’ve been better. The movie was decent, but I wouldn’t see in 3D.