Ceramics, painting, jewelry and much more in Student Art Sale!

Ceramic Artist (Anibal Santos/ Lariat)

Anibal Santos

Saddleback Ceramic students are preparing for the 34th Annual Holiday Student Art Sale happening Dec. 1 through Dec. 4 in the Art Gallery.

“It’s ceramics, printmaking, photography, drawing, jewelry, sculpture, painting and watercolors so its all different art from the art classes here,” said ceramic student, Alicia Iraclides.   

Non-traditional art may also be featured in this year’s art sale as well.

“Sometimes there is screen printing … we never know what’s going to be there, but there will be ceramics there for sure,” said Iraclides.

According to the ceramic students who have had work featured, ceramics is among the most popular among art buyers.

“People come every year to buy. Certain people like certain artists and come to purchase their piece,” said Iraclides. “Ceramics takes up most of the art sale because the pieces are bigger. Tables are going to be set up and its mostly going to be ceramics.” 

According to ceramics student Tim Carmin, the art sale offers an opportunity to find gifts for the holidays.

“This is the opportunity for people to pick up affordable art that perhaps they wouldn’t at other times,” said Carmin. “Its also a way to find nice Christmas gifts at affordable prices.”

The art sale also offers art collectors and art lovers the opportunity to find gallery level artwork available here on campus.

“A few of our people exhibit at the Sawdust Festival and different galleries, so it’s a great way to get affordable art,” said Iraclides.

Saddleback Student Art Sale starts Saturday, Dec. 1 at noon in the Saddleback College Art Gallery. 

Small Sample (Anibal Santos/ Lariat)

Ceramic Students (Anibal Santos/ Lariat)

Saddleback Ceramics (Anibal Santos/ Lariat)