Campus Comment: What is the origin of St. Patrick’s Day?

Photo by Kat Johnson

St. Patrick’s Day is officially today! Students at Saddleback were asked of their knowledge of the holiday and here are their answers:

Sage Koblitz, computer science

“I’m not sure of the origins actually.”

Alaina Warner, psychology

“I have literally no idea.”

Omar Mohabet, business major

“I have no clue.”

Karissa Gonzalez, studio arts

“I literally have no clue. I’m gonna assume it has something to do with crops? It’s from Scotland, right?”

T.J. Digman, computer science

“St. Patricks Day is the anniversary where most people believe it’s him driving all of the snakes out of Ireland. Whether or not this was the case is up for debate, but he was a missionary that traveled to Ireland to help convert many of the native peoples there and bring Catholicism to its entirety. He was also a somewhat competent engineer. He invented arches and brought that to infrastructure and was able to unite most of the country into developing properly because they had a common social ground.”

Pmir Matin, computer science major

“I’m pretty sure St. Patrick’s Day is about what T.J. said. My original thought was that it was about an Irish Leprechaun, kind of like Halloween with the Irish. That was very ignorant of me and my perceptions have changed after hearing him.”