California wants you(r money)

John Franz

The fall semester is a new start for everyone, and after a student has paid for classes, parking and books the college struck back and said the state raised the unit price from 20 dollars per unit to 26 dollars per unit. I call for anarchy! Well, not so much, but some of my friends were furious about this because they are on a budget as it is and have other bills to pay. On the other hand, I did not mind as much at least for this school. I will take six dollars per unit over my 160 dollar parking permit for Fullerton. But let’s look at the bright side of things. If a student is full time the extra six dollars adds up really quick. But California did this for a reason and I think that reason is valid. The state is in a lot of debt, and we are fighting fires in Los Angeles County right now, so not only is there smog in the air but smoke too.

The timing of the change was a little bit late and I think the State should have pulled through with this change earlier than a week until fall classes started. What I don’t agree with is most students that I know at Saddleback work; and they work hard. Some have children. California has laid off a lot of state workers who now collect an unemployment check, and from my understanding the State pays for unemployment.

Is this maybe why a change of the cost per unit went up? I am furious at the people who collect unemployment but don’t even try to find a new job in the, at minimum, 6 months a person can collect unemployment. It seems unfair that we should have to go to school and have to pay extra money to help fund these people. Now, I know that there are honest people out there that even look really hard to find jobs when they are unemployed and for some people they may have worked some where for years and got laid off but I am going just going after the people who abuse the system.

It’s not right. You cant blame Saddleback as much as you would like to on this one but they don’t make the rules when it came down to this. I would have liked to have money saved up to have bought my Antonio Cromartie, powder blue, #31 jersey but its not then end of the world I just have to wait a few paychecks because school is more important. For people who wanted to add a class this fall may have gotten in because people who were not aware of the change got dropped from the class the first day of school, which is somewhat unfair to the students; but you do have a Saddleback email for a reason, and it is very simple to forward your Saddleback email to a Yahoo or Gmail account .But the raising of the tuition is not the end of the world, at least at the community college level. It’s a dent, but it could be worse: you could be paying what I am paying at CSUF.

Education is important, so some sacrifices need to be made or an extra shift at work can be picked up. In reality it’s not a time for anarchy. It’s just that in this modern economy it’s tough wherever you go.