Bonding with ASG

Ryan Oviesi looks around to find the gift for himself. (Steven Jung)

Steven Jung

The ASG decided to have more of a bonding experience by having a white elephant gift exchange this last Thursday.

This meeting was Chelsea Goossens’ first time calling an ASG meeting to order. Since its toward the end of the semester, students are focusing more on the finals to come and so that gives ASG few issues to discuss for next semester.

ASG did think of ideas for possible issues to talk about next semester such as if more bike racks are required for students that ride bikes to get around campus.

The only issues talked about were the bylaws of ASG. The senators, members of the Events Cabinet, and members of the Inter-club Council went over the current rules. Members are allowed two unexcused absences, which is good because if a senator or member does not show up to meetings on a regular basis, then they are not reliable.

As a way to decide in an orderly fashion the cabinet members all voted first, then the senate, and finally the council. With the revised rules in place this will help ASG make sure all the members are responsible.

The ASG began with their white elephant gift by putting all gifted presents in the middle of the floor and sat around the gifts.

Milad Ghods got to go first and start the game off; he opened a present and got three types of cereal. The presents ranged from cereal to games, puzzles and candies. Olivia Noceda got two very large Reese’s Pieces peanut butter cups. Others got items such as a stuffed animal with a Christmas hat and another student got a game called “Dirty Minds.”

After the game was over some of the members felt willing to trade some gifts.

ASG also went over their turkey drive competition which team one won. Shay Sharp won the Member of the Month award for November while Madeline Hernandez received the Member of the Month award for October.

The ASG has also decided to do a ropes course for their next bonding experience and next semester they will go paintballing.

Bahman Sabahi picks the gift he wants. (Steven Jung)

Olivia Noceda eats her large peanut butter cups. (Steven Jung)