Black Ops 2 finally released

(Courtesy of David Nett / Flickr)

Steven Jung

Most gamers got their taste of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” this past Tuesday when the game was released at midnight.

When a player first enters the game mode he or she will notice that the campaign is different as it looks like they managed to combine campaign with multiplayer.

Inbetween missions the player can select his or her choice of weapons from the list available. The game even allows the players to use perks in the story mode.

As the game starts the choices are limited but the choices grow bigger as the game progresses. Each level also has a certain amount of challenges which can unlock advanced gear or weapons.

The story starts off where the last game left off; where the player at times will assume the role of Alex Mason in the ‘80s. When in the future however the player will take on the role of Mason’s son David.

There are also “special” missions called strike missions. These strike missions can have two outcomes which can affect the campaign. One mission for instance is defending a facility for a set amount of time. If the player succeeds and defends the facility, then the player has saved the entire country of India from being conquered.

If the player fails though, India gets attacked by the enemy and gets absorbed into the enemy nation. There are multiple strike missions that determine how the story will play out. The multiplayer seems fast -aced and has a vast array of weapons to choose from and as the players level up, they will get “unlock tokens.” These tokens are the new currency similar in the first Black Ops game that based its multiplayer on money.

The tokens are used to unlock everything from weapons and perks to grenades and kill streaks. Multiplayer also brought back its zombie mode.

The zombie mode is a little different than in previous games since there is a map which is where the player chooses a region and level to fight against zombies. One level actually has a bus that will take players on a route around the level so players can shoot zombies from a bus while the bus is in motion.

In another level of the same region, the level is set up so there are two teams: CDC and CIA and players compete against each other and the zombies as well. It is unsure but a possibility that as the player progresses in the zombie mode more maps and regions will become available.

One thing is clear; the fans of the Call of Duty franchise have been waiting long enough for this game’s release whether to fight zombies or to fight each other online. The futuristic look of the campaign looks interesting and definitely is different than any of the previous “Call of Duty” games.