Best places in Saddleback College to relax and study, according to students

Open grassy field in front of BGS. Justine Baginski/Lariat

Saddleback College grounds are vast, spanning 200 acres and offering an abundance of places for students to study and relax. That begs the question, what are their favorite studying spots? From trees to glass, nature to buildings, finding the right place to relax might just be a bit easier than it seems. 

“I love the library,” says Olivia West, a freshman studying forensic science. “Cause it’s quiet up there. As much as I like the quad and like feeling the sun in my face or whatever, the constant music they play in the mornings is … not it.” 

Jennifer Jette, a sophomore majoring in psychology, disagrees. Instead, she opts for just the opposite.  

“Go through the BGS building,” she says. “The large doors open up to the grassy patch with trees and tables. It’s such a cute area.”  

The quad is open to students from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. according to the college website. 

Freshman Garret Egan-Earle, currently majoring in business, walks through the quad, newly enrolled at Saddleback.

“How about over there?” He says, guessing where he might study if he found himself staring down a deadline. He points to an area to the left with a small concrete cube and several trees. “Under the shade but near trees.”

Sometimes a simpler, free place can be the best place of all. Saddleback College is full of shady patches of trees to pick from, but even with lots of available greenery, a sophomore biology major likes quite the opposite.

“Science building for sure,” Sabina Sabri says. “I feel like based on my major, I can say that I love the science building.”

The science building offers a modernistic style with rows of seating areas at the upper entrance and inside the main lobby. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“I like the library, yeah,” Kayla Jinn, a sophomore studying Chemistry, says. 

The library, as expected, enjoys the same hours as any building and quad on campus. A former student, Tyra Baginski, still remembers her favorite spot.  

“There’s something about the arts department,” she says. “It’s such a magical place.”  

The arts department has many creative touches, including painted floors, unique murals and an art gallery. Saddleback College offers a digital map on their website to help find these locations.  

As expected, 200 acres of land can offer many different places to see. Now with the opinions of students, it can be one step easier … or maybe one step harder … to find just the right place.