Beatles tribute to benefit MRSA prevention


The McKinney theatre was home to an emotional and lively celebration Mar. 22, as jazz musicians played tribute to The Beatles.

The concert took place to help raise awareness towards Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or more simply known as MRSA.

MRSA is an anti-biotic resistant bacterium often referred to as the “super bug” that is spread when people visit hospitals and it can be picked it up from unsanitary practices by staff.

This particular grouping of musicians came together to honor a young man that had died from contracting MRSA after a routine trip to the hospital.

Nile Moss, 15, died 72 hours after his first symptoms emerged two years ago on Easter weekend.

Friends of the boy’s father, Ty Moss, came together to play the songs of the legendary band The Beatles. The band played such classics as, “Eleanor Rigby,” “She’s Leaving Home,” and “Let It Be.”

Bands played to a full house of students, teachers and many members of the community. Although there was sadness in the air for the loss of someone so young with so much life ahead of him, the night was about fun.

Audience members were encouraged to have s good time, sit back, relax and enjoy the smooth sounds of The Beatles in a way they had never heard them before.

Along with an array of amazing live music, the audience was given a chance to hear from a survivor of MRSA. She spoke of her ordeal and the difficulties she faced having to fight this completely preventable infection.

In addition, as they entered, concert goers were given a tiny bottle of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer along with a list of ways to protect not only themselves, but their children from contracting MRSA, should they need to visit the hospital, or any place that may carry the deadly bacteria.

Familiar Beatles’ tunes may bring new meaning to those who heard the concert, as they remember Moss’ tragedy and raise awareness of this illness.