ASL Club Profile


Kara Willingham

The sign language club was started two years ago by a group of students who wanted a place outside the classroom to practice ASL.

“I’m actually one of the original members. I was the only Deaf student in the club,” said Erin Kennedy, 32, interpreting program graduate. “Now I’m the Activities Director. I guess I joined because I saw how beneficial the club is.”

The club often goes to deaf events as a group. One of the most popular events takes place at the Block of Orange. At the “Block night” deaf people from all over the county get together to spend time with deaf friends and meet new people.

ASL club members have meetings every month during which they discuss any official business and participate in some planned activities. The activities vary, such as games, ASL Jeopardy, watch & ASL poetry DVD’s, ABC stories, and many other different things.

“We’ll discuss deaf culture and help each other review class material. We’ve had silent dinners at local restaurants in which everyone turns their voices off and only uses ASL,” said Kennedy. “Usually one or two people are appointed as interpreters and will interpret correspondence with the waitress.”

The club also participates in ASG & ICC events on campus.

“I joined the ASL club so that I would have a comfortable place outside of the classroom to practice my newly acquired language,” Club member and president Amanda Murray, 20, sign language, said. “I knew there were questions about Deaf Culture that are not addressed in the classroom that are discussed at length at the meetings.”

The club meets every month and new students are always welcome to join.