ASG plans ahead and plans improvements

Steven Jung

The Events Cabinet decided to start planning early this semester since they will have a busy month in April.

The cabinet will have Awareness week in the beginning running from Apr. 3rd to 10th. At the end of the month they will be busy with Earth week, which runs from Apr. 22nd to 25th.

In February they will also have a blood drive going on. The blood drive will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 19th and 20th. Asal Bahrami suggested they hand out healthier snacks than the last blood drive.

“Next week will be our last chance to allocate money for the blood drive,” Bahrami said.

During Awareness week there will be several types of organizations. Apr. 3rd will be awareness on sexual health, Apr. 4th will be awareness on non-profit organization awareness, Apr. 8th will be clothes line project awareness, and Apr. 9th will be mental health and domestic abuse awareness.

Audra DiPadova said, “One idea is we can have a fair for the non-profit organizations.”

During Earth week they will be showing a movie called “Earth” and also be showing the film “Inconvenient Truth,” which they intend to ask some professors if they will offer extra credit to the students who attend the film.

The ASG Senate also had some topics to discuss about team work. They did an exercise to learn more about each other because they want to get closer to each other as more on a friendship level.

Some feel this will improve their team work when they do events or try to accomplish goals such as the Events Cabinet’s turkey drive last semester. DiPadova said, “The senate works good as a team in an emergency but needs improvement on a day to day basis.”

They also looked into why they joined ASG. Some joined to help contribute to the school, some to improve on their speaking skills, others thought it might look good on a resume, and some wanted to make strong friendships by getting involved with ASG.

Whatever the case of why someone joined the senate or cabinet they are both busy with their own task this semester to do just as well as they did last semester.


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