Aliens in the future

Steven Jung

Movies that scared me as a child were the first and second “Aliens” movie; and to this day I still enjoy those movies.

Recently Ridley Scott came out with a new movie that is supposed to be connected to the Aliens franchise called “Prometheus.” I bought that movie a few months ago and did not like it. By the end of the movie, I was just sitting there wondering how Scott messed up on this movie so badly.

In the next two months Aliens: Colonial Marines will release, and I am hoping it will be just as good as the previous Aliens vs. Predator game that released in 2010.

When I watched “Prometheus,” I was at the very least expecting it to be how things came about in the first movie, “Alien.” The entire story was off — even how the movie ended. The story also showed how the aliens from the franchise came to be but that part was also disappointing.

When I first played the 2010 Aliens vs. Predator game, I enjoyed it. I felt there were instances when that fear I felt as a child came back as I was playing the game.

For instance there was one part in the beginning where I had to simply just turn on the lights. The character was shocked by some kind electrical charge, and I jumped a little thinking I was just attacked by one of the aliens.

As I watched a YouTube video about multiplayer for the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game, I liked what I saw. I also liked what I saw in the previews for the movie “Prometheus” so I am hoping this new game will make up the disappointment I felt when I saw the movie.

As I looked more into the interviews done by other people, the producers of the game are promising that they will answer questions that were raised about events in … between the second and third aliens film.

All I am hoping for is that this game when its released in February is not as disappointing as the “Prometheus” movie.

For more info check out these YouTube videos about the upcoming game: