After your workout, don’t forget to wipe

Kimiya Enshaian

Possibly one of the best moments of someone’s day is when they have arrived home from the gym after a hard workout. The body is exhausted, the spirit is light and happy, and the mind is alert.

Drenched in sweat and a noticeable potent funk, it’s time for a much-needed shower. As one is about to hop in and scrub away all those toxins, does he or she give any thought to the sanitary , or lack thereof, of the machines at the gym? Could those machines use a shower as well?

The gym is a great place to work out. Among amateurs and professionals, people can get a great sense of how to use machines to best suit their needs. They can learn effective workouts, increase physical stamina, and feel better about themselves overall.

The buzz kill of this great place is that often times the hygiene here is unspeakably repulsive.

Imagine sitting on a bike, prepared to burn away all that excess fat . As you reach for the handles you feel that infamous feeling that lets you know someone has been here before.

The handles are warm, sticky, and reek of sweat.

Sure, you could get up from the machine and clean off this mess, but is that really your job or the job of the person who used the machine last? By the time you clean it off, throw away the napkins, and get back on the machine, you are not as excited for your workout as you initially were.

Beside holding on to the handles, even just sitting on a machine can often be unsettling.

Whoever dares to sit on a machine in shorts is bound to have experienced sitting in another person’s sweat, a feeling that can really sticks with a person, literally and figuratively.

With all that said, sweating at the gym is not a bad thing. The gym is designated for the fitness gurus and the calorie killers.

Yet, that does not give them or anyone else the green light to leave their “mark” on machines for all to feel, smell, and see.

Besides the gym itself, their restrooms and locker rooms are also concerning.

Shaving your legs, or anywhere else for that matter in the sink is gross. No one wants to wash their hands in a sink that they think may cause them more harm than good.

The gym’s cleaning crew will do their part to keep the gym tidy and will try to enforce the rule of bringing a towel to all their guests.

Ultimately though, it is the duty of everyone working out to be considerate enough to keep their sweat to themselves and wipe down the machines they have used.

Basically, if you can handle lifting 90 pound weights, hour long treadmill runs, or 100 sit-ups on the bench press, you can handle cleaning up after yourself.