A variety of taste

Chris Vazquez helping a customer (Steven Jung)

Steven Jung

Today at Club Rush there was a Soho Tacos truck in the quad with all of the other clubs selling food.

Soho Taco’s is not part of the S&B foods, which is the vendor of our cafeteria. I asked Chris Vazquez a few questions about Soho Tacos and found out this is not their first time to Saddleback.

“It’s our second time here this year,” Vazquez said. According to Vazquez, the truck had been here before. I did not have any cash on me unfortunately to try one of their tacos, but I went up to the cafeteria to try and compare the two foods.

The cafeteria prices were a little cheaper than the truck’s price, however the truck had something the cafeteria didn’t that I know a lot of customers love: fish and shrimp tacos!

I know Del Taco is known for their fish and shrimp tacos from commercials. I honestly think this is the advantage the Soho Tacos truck has. I also know from personal experience that the same thing over and over again can get boring so the taco truck bringing seafood type tacos is definitely an eye catcher since the school cafeteria does not serve those types of tacos.

I believe a variety can give other students more choices. I hope to see more vendor trucks serving food for students with different types of foods than the ones the cafeteria has.