a day in the life

Steven Chernow MD


A Day in the Life of Saddleback Students
a random walk thru the campus:


Interview of random students to capture a typical day on campus – what are they doing – thinking – why there at saddleback and some of their short and long term goal:


The following were interviewed – and most  where photographed:  Date: March 4 2013 –  not quite the Cynder Lopper “Manic Monday”  but it did have a rhythm and captured the beat of campus.


1.     Three students where ” just hanging out”  –  their majors where computer and math – among other topics they were discussing e-cigs. 

2.     Danny , hip dude , was using his break to take of some texting and facebook

3.     The next group were just having fun – discussing the game MAGIC .  sources were from Marcia Garcia and Soul Califber as well of their friend Nathan.

4.     Brandon was working outside on this beautiful spring sunny taking advantage of catching some rays while tackeling his Beginner Algerbra which he said was going just OK.  His plan was to transfer to a four year university and specialize in Sports Business – and possible to become a sports announcer – Chick Herns and Vince Scully – you’re going to have some future completion from Kenny.

5.     Tara Nelson was in the quad eating while reading for her biology class- her goals were to transfer and get her Masters in Family and Marriage counseling

6.     Sarah Head was undecieded regarding a major but has plans to transfer to Cal State Marious –  that much was very certain about

7.     Lorane Lugan was taking it up a notch as she was working on her College Algebra with plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach and become a hospital based speech therapist

8.     Britnany Ferrie loves working with children fell was working on her degree in children education so she could work in a elementary school to help, teach, and mentor the future generation.

9.     Ally Twitchell wants to be a writer – and travel the world as part of his work- he loves going to new places and exploring new culture while expanding his own horizons and meet new people –

10.Justine although currently deceided was leaning toward pursing a career in environmental studies and use technology to develop alternative forms of energy – he will part of the solution that will save the planet

11.Adrin was just hanging out and texting – his major is biology and wants to eventually transfer to UCSB – the only UC Campus that owns beach front property.  His focus was on the business and economics

12.Jane Lu desires to get her AA in accounting and then work a bookkepper or accountant – she loves using Quick Books and keep things very organized an neat

13.Necoline Vazquez was focus on business administration with goal to attend UCI or Cal State Fullerton.  He desires to become a certified financial planner so she could help people avoid the financial mistakes of her own past.

14.Matt Corkill, a professional photographer, desires to transfer to either the center for arts or the Art Center and work full time a photographer as a commercial photographer.

15.Vu Hoag desires to major in laboratory nursing with plans to transfer to UCI

16.Desira Schars wants to become a lawyer and get out of California-  She specific would like to become a patent attorney

17.Chris Chister decieded to attending Saddelback because its close to his home and his saving money for his transfer to UCLA – his goal is become a Spanish teacher and develop a curriculum in Chicano Studies in a high school environment.

18.A young lady in the quad already has her bachelors in English which she earned in Iran for personal reasons did not her picture or name disclosed.  She was hoping to get a job related to her prior training in English

19.Not all students were pleasant and although the vast majority were absoulute great with great goals and very cooperative with our story and picture, however, there was a young man with instrument leaving the fine art building who became very irritated with inquiries and told me said ” fuck you man”  and told me to just fuck off as he walked and and flipped me off twice.  I guess it takes all kinds.  Of the twenty students he was the only one with such a reaction as all others were both engaging caring individuals including

20.Tim –  a very pleasant young man desired to focus environmental studies and work on conservation and alternative energy sources.


Overall students were very hard working and dedicated to their students but still found the time to chill text laugh and just hang out with friends.  Such was an average spring Monday.  What’s your goals and we at the Lariat wish you the best – Let us know if you have any comments regarding what it like to be a student on the great campus of Saddleback




Steven M Chernow MD MBA

Photographer and Investigative Report

The Lariat.