A collective Californian composition

Nathaniel Sun / Lariat

Photographers, for some odd reason, seem to always find a place and time for everything. What I mean by that is even the most simple or random object or view can become a fun picture, with the proper composition. Buying a camera was certainly one of the bigger decisions in my life, so I hope it makes an impact and may even influence people to practice taking and composing pictures. 

“The Flower Boy” circa March 31, 2021. Nathaniel Sun | Lariat



This particular time frame was a big change for me. A real “April Showers” kind of memory.


What was interesting that day was there were on-and-off showers of rain and the sun would occasionally peek out of the clouds with its mysterious rays. It was the first time I got to experiment with my vintage lenses and that day I remember vividly thinking I would have to come back again one day. Unfortunately, it turns out the bloom only comes during late Spring/early Summer. The picture itself looking back gives me a sort of serenity.

“Morning Routine” circa April 18, 2021. Nathaniel Sun | Lariat

I’m sure most beachgoers understand surfing first thing in the morning is the “morning routine.” The beach has always been sort of an escape for me. And surfing is a sort of natural meditation. Something about floating on a board is really calming, but once that big wave comes, you get a thrill and a rush of cold water. One of my more enjoyable hobbies, even if I absolutely stink at it.

“Conveniently Placed Product Placement” Circa June 12, 2021. Nathaniel Sun | Lariat

I was enjoying a beach outing with a group of my childhood friends I hadn’t seen for years, due to college/COVID, and I happened to have FIJI water. Bet you weren’t expecting that one, huh?

Speaking of the beach, here are some recently taken pictures.

“Broad Daylight” circa Sept. 7, 2021. Nathaniel Sun / Lariat

 I took this picture while on a brief break with one of my friends, it was sort of enlightening to see sun rays peek out over a cloudy horizon.

“Permanent Residence” circa Sep. 17, 2021. Nathaniel Sun / Lariat

These are just a handful of pictures, from a handful of places. I have almost an entire year’s worth of pictures saved digitally on an album. I highly recommend you take pictures and save them, even if you are not particularly skilled. And even phone cameras now have amazing quality and render capabilities. I look forward to seeing what memories you can capture today.