442nd Regiment recognized as IVC’s Japanese Program screens film series

Katrina Andaya

Irvine Valley College’s Japanese Program screened the first documentary of their Japanese American Film Series, Friday, Sept. 28.

The documentary called “442 Extreme Patriots of WWII,” focused on the 442nd Regimental Combat Team’s 100th Battalion during World War II. The film showed the remaining veterans of the 442nd who survived the war, and their interviews as they tell stories about the struggles they faced at the time of war; some telling their stories for the first time.

The 100th/442nd was made up of Japanese American soldiers.  Even after their people were discriminated against, labeled as dangerous and forced into internment camps, although many of them were born in the US, the 442nd still remained loyal, fighting for the country.

“You not only fought the enemy. You fought prejudice — and you won,” President Harry S. Truman said recognizing the achievements of the 100th Battalion after the end of the war.

Their heroic efforts included liberating Bruyeres, Italy, rescuing the Texas Battalion, the Battle of the Gothic Line and many more.

The regiment is known as the Purple Heart Battalion, the Purple Heart being one of the greatest military achievements and has received 21 medal of honors.

“The older soldiers of the war had a positive attitude even though they went through the misery of the war,” Ting Liu, 19, administration, said on what really caught her eye in the film.

Their tremendous courage, loyalty and heroism during the war still remains remembered and celebrated around the globe.

“It’s a great movie for the awareness of Japanese Americans,” said IVC Professor of Japanese and Japanese Program instructor Fumiko Ishii. “People should be aware of it.  Not many Americans know about this (442 Regiment), so I thought I would make it available.”

“MIS — Human Secret Weapons” will be shown on Oct. 26 and “Toyo’s Camera- Japanese American History during WWII” will be shown on Nov. 30.

For more information contact Fumiko Ishii at [email protected].