Women’s Volleyball loses to IVC

Saddleback player Erin Mackesy returning with a powerful hit (Chelsea Jarrell )

Chelsea Jarrell

It was a squeaky Wednesday night in the Saddleback Gaucho gym where women’s volleyball met their match to Irvine Valley Lasers 3-0.

Match one rolled off to a slow start where Gauchos fell behind after several attempts to score by the girls in the back lineup. Hannah Hildebrand almost tied up the round with her powerful spike over the net scoring point 12 for Gauchos.

But defensive Irvine Valley girls were in no hurry to lose. Strategic blocking by Haley Whyte and Shaelyn Perez made it nearly impossible for Saddleback to finish the first round with a win. Match one ended IVC 25-Saddleback 17.

“I think we started off slow in the beginning but came back with a big fight,” said 18-year-old Saddleback player Allie Rowe.

Fight, they did. Gauchos entered into match two with strong momentum. Allie Rowe scoring point 19 tied the game, but eventually the match ended with Irvine again on the winning side of the net 25-22.

The final match held intensity in the tug of war. Gaucho girls battled their best but were eventually defeated by Irvine Valley with a score of 25-18.

“It was a good game but we need to work on the serve-receive during practice,” said 18-year-old Gaucho player Brynn Flannery.

Saddleback Head Coach Michelle Qwon seemed to agree, “We just need to take care of our side serve-receive. Hopefully the results will show.”

Come to Fullerton Oct. 11 where the Gaucho volleyball will battle next. Game starts 6 p.m.