Womens USA v. Canada Rivalry Series

Delani Taft/Lariat

Feb. 8, 2020 at the Honda Center in Anaheim California was the Canada VS. USA Rivalry Series game. This is game five of the series, the final game of the season. The beginning of the series started out with both countries’ national anthem, sung by a girls choirs and holding the American and Canadian flags. The players were joined on the ice by local female jr. league hockey teams. The attendance at the Pond was a total of 13,320 people, the largest ever crowd for US Women’s hockey. Tickets were being sold previously, some even being given away for free at local spots like Brewheim, bringing in several new fans.

“I was so excited to see we got such great seats. My dad surprised me with the tickets because he knows I look up to this team,” said Sydney Collins, a attendee in the third row. “So nice to see some female players out there for a change.” 

The game started out with Canada making the first score, shortly followed by the USA team. The score was very back and forth all the way up until the third quarter. Third quarter was tied 3 to 3 until the very end. The game went into sudden death overtime. With 4:18 on the over-time clock, #9, Megan Bozek scored the 4th point in the game. Meaning, USA claimed the win with a 4 to 1 series score. USA had previously won 3 to 1 in Vancouver B.C. earlier in the week. The women celebrated their 2019-2020 championship with a huge engraved silver trophy. 

Luckily, there is no major tension between US and Canada, resulting in some fun banter between fans. One USA fan was seen holding a “Dunkin Doughnuts > Tim Hortons” sign, while another was seen with a “Loser keeps Justin Bieber” poster. While there were a few punches thrown and a couple fights that broke out, the teams kept it together and continued to play fair. Because whats hockey without at least a few scuffles.

“It’s amazing to see what the ladies can do on the ice,”  a player for the Lady Ducks attending the matchup. “Their team is in such great coordination and speed on the rink, they’re just all so talented players.”

Some attendees had visited team USA’s meet and greet the week before at the Irvine Spectrum, located at the ferris wheel. The event included signing sessions, free bobble heads and Ducks hats. 

“I figured it’d be better to meet them then, rather than now, after the game,” said Briannah Avelon, an attendee dressed in a Team USA jersey signed from the entire womens team. “It’d be less hectic and more personal, and it was!” 

The pro team was very supportive of all the local jr. female leagues and promoted how and where to sign up for girls teams. Many of the commercials played during the intermissions were all about girl power and how females have the right to play hockey, just as boys do. All in all, this event was a great game, awesome crowd, and strong female empowerment.