The women’s basketball team sets new record for number of single game three-pointers

Bree Shepard goes in for a layup. (Ally Beckwitt/Lariat)

Saddleback College’s guard Bree Shepard goes for two at the Lady Gauchos Classic VI against the Scottsdale Artichokes on Thursday, Nov. 16. (Ally Beckwitt/Lariat)

The Saddleback College women’s basketball team kicked off the Lady Gaucho Classic VI against the Scottsdale College Artichokes on Thursday, Nov. 16. The Lady Gauchos lost in overtime 64-59 during the first home game of the season.

The Artichokes scored the first two points but the Gauchos quickly turned around the 2-0 score to 2-3 when sophomore guard, Bree Shepard made a three-point jump shot. Shepard was a big help in assisting, rebounding, and of course, scoring points making 12 of the 59 total points.

Even though Shepard did her part in contributing in the game and helping her team she felt as if she did not do her best and did not play to her full potential.

“I could have lead my team better,” Shepard said. “I could have slowed down the game, I could have just paced the game better.”

The game on Thursday was extended into overtime after both teams bounced back and forth from being one point ahead of each other. With eight minutes left in the last period, the Gauchos built up a seven-point lead making the score 56-49.

That lead slowly lessened as the Artichokes scored six points until the score was 56-55, Saddleback still leading. With three and a half minutes left, Scottsdale scored off a layup changing the lead of the game, for the remaining few minutes of the game, the score evened out making the final score 59-59, pushing the game into overtime.

Madelynn Gray jumps to gain control of the ball during tip off going into overtime. (Ally Beckwitt/Lariat)

Madelynn Gray jumps to gain control of the ball during tip off going into overtime. (Ally Beckwitt/Lariat)

In overtime, Saddleback made multiple attempts to earn points, but Scottsdale scored off two layups and a free throw, finishing out the game at 64-59.

Shepard hoped to play better and be a stronger leader during Thursday’s game but made a plan to do so for the next game. Her strategy made a difference during the next game on Friday, Nov. 17 when the Gauchos played against San Diego Mesa College and won 78-56.

Freshman guard, Kayla De Leon, one of the Gauchos top scoring players in not only the tournament but for the team in general, made 20 of the 59 total points in Thursday’s game against Scottsdale.

Kayla De Leon jumps to score a three-point jump shot. (Ally Beckwitt/Lariat)

Kayla De Leon jumps to score a three-point jump shot. (Ally Beckwitt/Lariat)

“Coming back we know what we have to work on,” De Leon said. “We can just take it from there. I am going to work on going to the basket and finishing at the rim.”

As Shepard improved in the second game, De Leon did just as well making 28 of the 78 total points against San Diego Mesa. She also set a new school record in the game against Mesa, scoring eight three-pointers in a single game.

Head coach of Saddleback’s women’s basketball team, Fentriss Winn, felt the team played against great opponents and played hard setting up for the chance to win but just didn’t get a good shot. Winn had high hopes for the rest of the tournament.

“I think we’re going to be good,” Winn said. “We’re playing good teams and struggling a little to win but I think we’re going to be fine. We just have to come back tomorrow and try to get a win.”

Going into the last game of the tournament against Irvine Valley College, Saddleback lost 83-46. The next game for the Lady Gauchos is another tournament Dec 1-3 at Chaffey College but the opponent teams have yet to be decided.