The Gauchos women’s soccer team players bond to play

Gauchos freshman, forward, Emiiee Monning scorer

Gauchos freshman, forward, Emiiee Monning scorer

Saddleback Women’s Soccer:Preview 2015

“We lost a couple of great players, Danyella Allen scored 50 goals her time here,” head coach, BJ Mc Nichol said. “That’s a big number to replace setting the record here.”

Gauchos group meeting as head coach, B J McNichol prepares team

Gauchos group meeting as head coach, B J McNichol prepares team

The talented Allen was double teamed as she was a threat to score even in the toughest Orange Empire league. The Gauchos were anchored by the exceptional goalkeeper Alex Scott who will be hard to replace.

“Last year Allen was the Orange Empire Conference MVP player of the year,”  McNichol said.”We could have a couple of candidates who could win that honor again.”

The bottom line goal is making the Southern California playoffs as the Gauchos will be setting their sites starting in pre-season then they battle in the Orange Empire league.

“Our focus is make it back to the playoffs, make more of a run,”assistant coach, Sean Melendez said,”Hopefully the South Orange County soccer fans can come out giving us support.”

The rally call is on for the fans to come out joining in on college level soccer here where this team is picking up on last year team success. This is a hard working team of returnees and the new group of players coming together on making it a terrific team again.

“We have technical players like we had last year,” sophomore, midfielder, No.7, Daniel Sceisi said.”We are continuing developing as a team getting closer to the ability as a team to earn the desired wins.”

This is a good group of College level soccer players is being well coached by Saddleback’s McNichol’s staff looking to place players in positions to excel on the field. At this point the players know every possition spot will be earned on the field by their efforts shown on the field.

“We are looking to see if the kids are in their spots, to see who’s going to battle for the starting spots,”Melendez said.”This year we have a lot of explosive attack oriented players.”

It’s going to be tough to replace the loss of last year freshman twin sister Devin Sceisi from last year as she is attending Washington so she switched to playing club for now. For this year, stand out player returning midfielder, Daniel Sceisi  is mentioned by the coaching staff to look for her being selected as player to be a candidate for MVP in the Orange Empire Conference.

“I think right now we have a standout player in Daniel Sceisi as she is strong and fit all around player,” Melendez said.”I really feel she is going to have a breakout year and will be in the MVP talks.”

Observations by Melendez ,as mentioned sophomore, forward, Amber Martin is playing out on the wing is very creative will be fun to watch in action. As McNichol is cautiously atomistic on his prediction as he thinks his team is a good comprehensive soccer team with a lot of depth all over the field.

“I think Sean and BJ soccer philosophy is awesome as they are doing everything they can to make this team the best team to win,”freshman, forward, Emily Monning said.”We have a strong attacking offense and strong defense with Rachel Edelstein in the center.”

Incoming players are confident as this team shows freshman, midfielder, Rachel Edelstein and her teammates  will have big shoes to fill from the loss of last year players on defense at the halfback, midfield positions. Hopefully Edelstein and her teammates come to Saddleback looking to anchor the midfield as Monning and her teammates hopes to score many goals this year.

“With such a large group I think chemistry wise we are where we want to be right now,”Melendez said.”We have two kids who stand out now at goalie as of now it will be a split decision or even split time at goalie.”

Jserra,club keeper comes to Saddleback looks good, top keepers start with incoming freshman, Angelica Ramos competes with Shana Leventhal, Tamera Attica, Savanna Hilton, Avalon Mackey seem to be the last line of defense against goals shots put on the Gauchos. Last year keeper, Scott will be hard act to follow, another player who will be missed is redshirt sophomore, defense, Julianna Caldwell who anchored the defense last year.

“We have a pretty tough pre-season to maximize our power points as all our pre-season games are away,”McNichol said.”We know our Conference is the toughest in the State so we want to prepare with a stringent pre-season as well.”

Players who spoke up willing to contribute as freshmen, midfielder, Erika Garcia is bonding with the players on an off the field with her teammates. They are truly preparing themselves since summer time training in the weight room as well on the soccer field to bring themselves to give their best effort as a team.    

“I’m a basketball player straight out of Dana Hills I played club soccer we do a lot of team bonding,” freshman, Neusha Afrasiabi said.”I expect us to do our best and see what happens.”

Good player straight out of Mission Viejo, freshman, midfielder, Mackenzie Galaz played club soccer a lot. She is working really hard at practice she is hoping the team’s hard work will get them better than their top opponents.