Student athletes are more successful than full-time students

The LRC, where the PASS Program is held for Saddleback student athletes.

The LRC, where the PASS Program is held for Saddleback College student athletes.

Student athletes at Saddleback College are more inclined to have academic success than non-student athletes according to the Program Assisting Student-Athlete Success Program.

In a Saddleback College Athletics press release, Senior Administrative Assistant Jess Perez said that the PASS Program is a “mandatory non-credit tutoring class,” meaning¬†in order to be a member on one of Saddleback’s 19 intercollegiate athletic teams you must be enrolled. This course is located in the Learning Resource Center and athletes¬†are not the only ones allowed to be enrolled in this tutoring course, it is free and open to all students in the college.

Since the start of the 2011-12 academic year, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has tightened their GPA requirements for transfer from 2.0 to 2.5. As result of the PASS Program, student athletes at Saddleback are averaging a 2.75 GPA compared to full time students who earn a 2.69.

Athletic Director and Dean of Kinesiology and Athletics Tony Lipold said, “Student Athletes are the most successful students on campus.”

Since 2008, student athletes have enrolled and completed more term units than full time students by 1-2 units and all other students by 4-6 units.

On student success overall, Lipold said, “If you don’t try something (asking for help) how do you know if it’s going to work?”