“Stachetober” brings a time for reflection

(Special to the Lariat)

Zach Cavanagh

The tradition of growing a mustache in the month of October is not a new theme. It’s not even limited to October.

The moustache has graced the upper lips of many great athletes, and many famous for only the mustache.

In honor of the month of “Stachetober” and the many athletes that have adorned the hairy lip, I present my top five athlete moustaches:

1) Rollie Fingers tops my list of the greatest sports moustaches. Not only did Oakland A’s star take the time to grow a ‘stache of its length, he took to time to meticulously groom and wax his mustache daily. Fingers is the gold standard in sports lip caterpillars.

2) George Parros intimidates for the Anaheim Ducks with his fists, physicality, and size on the ice, but he is most fearsome for his glorious lip warmer. You know that Parros belongs on the list when he is simply referred to as “the ‘Stache” and souvenir moustaches are sold in the team store for charity.

3) Lanny McDonald is worthy of the list for the shear, untamed, walrus-like quality of the moustache. The former Calgary Flames captain had some skill to go with the ‘stache.

4) Dennis Eckersley has arguably the smoothest ‘stache on the list.

5) Mike Ditka is “da coach.” ‘Nuff said. Ditka vs a hurricane. Who would win? Ditka.

That is my top five. Do you disagree? Did I miss one of your favorites? Tweet these and your top five on Twitter @ twitter.com/lariatsports and vote in our poll. Results will be posted next week.

(Special to the Lariat)

(Special to the Lariat)

(Special to the Lariat)

(Special to the Lariat)