Sports without a marching band can B-Flat

John Franz

In my past few days that I have been away from the mother ship, I have realized a couple of things that made me wonder. Why doesn’t Saddleback College have a marching band? As a sport’s fan, I really loved how here in Fresno at the State Championships, the Riverside Tigers brought their band and as an observer of the Tiger’s victory against the No. 1 Fresno City Rams, I could tell how much the players and the band members fed off each other.

The band would play music to get the fans going and then would shout, “RCC! RCC! RCC!” which got them even more excited. As an athlete, I know how it what a remarkable feeling is generated by a team by feeding off a spirited crowd.

The Gauchos did have some members of their terrific cheerleading squad up for the game between Reedley and Saddleback. I was just curious why the school that has a terrific music department does not have a band that plays at football and basketball games. Come to think of it does Saddleback have a fight song?

What a thrilling atmosphere it would be to walk into the gym and the football field to the sound of a drumline and musical exhilaration of a brass ensemble. I think more students here at Saddleback would come to more events if there was more entertainment than just the game itself because many people don’t share my passion for sports.
During my Fresno extravaganza, I had an off day on Friday to basically work on a preview of Saturday’s game between San Joaquin and Saddleback, but I also took time to head to Fresno State to see the 2008 National Champion Bulldogs face the Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners and I was so excited that students were there as well as parents and alumni. My favorite fan was an elderly African-American man who led the crowd in several raucous cheers in support of the hometown Bulldogs. Heck, his team spirit even inspired me to become the team’s newest fan.

Athletics at Saddleback deserve more support from the student body. At home games, I see an assortment of the faculty at the games in full force of Gaucho proud. I was told by our Dean of Athletics, Tony Lipold, that many more Saddleback alumni, faculty and students will be at the game(s) this weekend and that gave me a big smile.

But I truly do want to know why as a school with rich athletic history and an amazing music department not have a marching band? Heed my call; write a fight song for the Gauchos! G-rated please and present it; I feel it will bring the school together! Now, go get the Mustangs and win Saddleback College the state title.