Saddleback’s Gauchos lose to Riverside in close 34-37 game

Gauchos loose in close game at home against Riverside in 34-37 game. (Photography/Allison Gale)

Saddleback loses their second game in a row against the Riverside Tigers in a close game on Saturday night. (Photograph/Allison Gale)

The Gauchos lost their second game in a row by three points to the Riverside Tigers in double overtime Saturday night at home, 34-37.

Freshmen line backer Blake Whitlock was honest about how they played, “We made too many mistakes– period. Defensively and offensively.”

Despite their loss, some key players stood out in the near win for Saddleback. Whitlock alone had 6 tackles and 1 sack against the Tigers.

Starting quarterback Ricky Bautista threw a whopping 412 yards and helped score four touchdowns for the Gauchos.

Sophomore wide receiver Forrest Dunivan, who scored two touchdowns and ran for 214 yards with 10 receptions total, was disappointed but realistic about the loss, “Riverside is a very good team. But our offense was on-point tonight.”

Yet Dunivan remained positive about the rest of the season for the Gauchos, “I feel really good about this season. There’s a big difference with our intensity this year.”

The hot afternoon sun beat down as the Gauchos hosted the Tigers, opening the game with an almost immediate touchdown by Riverside.

Gauchos loose in close game at home against Riverside in 34-37 game. (Photograph/Allison Gale)

Gauchos loose in close game at home against Riverside in 34-37 game. (Photograph/Allison Gale)

Dunivan scored the first touchdown of the evening for Saddleback in the first quarter to tie the game at 7-7. Riverside soon came back with a field goal kick to lead 7-10.

The score of the game stayed close all night up until the start of the fourth quarter when the game became tied at 27-27 due to an interception thrown by Bautista and several penalties that hurt the Gauchos momentum.

Riverside immediately scored a touchdown in overtime to make the fame 27-34.

But Saddleback answered right back, tying the game again, 34-34.
Despite a needed pass from Bautista to running back Drake Griffen, the Gauchos could not score and missed a field goal kick, carrying the game to double overtime.

With no minutes left on the clock, Riverside won the game with a field goal kick 34-37 in double overtime to a stunned crowd of Saddleback football players and loyal Gauchos’ fans.

The mens football team is looking to redeem their 0-2 record when they take on the El Camino Warriors at home, 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 20.