Saddleback v.s Southwest mens basketball

Picture by Jerry Hannula

Picture by Jerry Hannula

Saddleback men’s basketball team won by 27 points on December 2nd. Again they defeated southwest on the court.

Both teams took positions while the referee lined up the ball between two players preparing to toss it into the air. When the buzzer sounded southwest hit the jump ball it in the direction of saddlebacks offence which passed it to T.J Shorts a sophomore Guard who within a few seconds set up for a deep three and shot.

Everyone watched as the ball sailed through the air only to land right in the center of the basket making nothing but net. Cheers erupted from the crowd as fans stomped their feet.

During one of Saddlebacks offencive play’s Shorts drives in only to be fouled by Southwest’s freshman guard Beni Mokil.

Saddlebacks Breon Brady a sophomore Center receives the pass. Positioned under the hoop he immediately jumps up and tries to score a layup. When it fails and bounces high into the air Brady’s teammates lose hope and begin to run back to their defensive positions. But Brady determined, mussels his way under the ball catches the rebound and completes his lay up. Fans celebrate by cheering and standing up out of their seats.

Through the first and second quarter saddleback makes many well coordinated players including one where saddleback’s offence performs series of passes involving Brady and freshman guard Jake Haynes who ends it with a flawless three. Freshman Guard Justin Faison also manages to get a dunk from right under the basket solidifying a lead of 27 to 8 right before halftime.

Southwest starts with the ball and after being heavily pressured by saddlebacks defense passes to sophomore guard Richard Grove who immediately makes a deep three. Soon after Grove makes another shot resulting in a quick layup.

During Southwest’s comeback Saddlebacks freshman center Arash Poursina took a fall trying to catch a rebound but quickly scrambles to defended his basket latter saying  “I was Fine i just Got right back up and Went to the next play.

Marking the end of Southwest’s comeback Faison catches their offence off guard by receiving a pass and driving it toward their hoop. With no one guarding him he soars through the air and makes a slam dunk.

This was Head coach Andy Grounds favorit play stating that “Justin Faison drove to the basket and flushed it”.

With only 20 minutes left on the clock both teams keep going back and forth down the court unable to score a point, Saddleback call’s a timeout. At this time it is not looking good for Southwest as they are losing by more that fifteen points. To make it worse Freshman guard Reggie Varner makes a three for Saddleback with only one minute and 30 seconds on the clock shortly after the game ends in saddlebacks favor 58 to 31.

This was my favorite part of the game “The win” said Justin Faison.

Saddlebacks fans cheered as both schools congratulated each other for participation.