Saddleback loses in their inaugural game for their stadium

Saddleback College Football team running off the field. Kyle Hankins/Lariat

On Friday, Oct. 1, Saddleback College had their grand opening celebration for their new football field. There was food, shaved ice and gear handed out during this event. Minutes before the game Saddleback also showed off their new logo for their team after announcing to change their name to the Bobcats.

“I thought the logo was creative and the reveal put me on the edge of my seat because I really didn’t expect it,” said Jakob Jones, a student at Saddleback. “I appreciated them giving us free burgers and free kona ice.”

Saddleback ended up losing though after a 31-17 loss to the Ventura Pirates. Two turnovers in the red zone and two overthrows by the quarterback inevitably led to their loss. The Bobcats were unable to capitalize on the few chances they were given with two interceptions being thrown by the quarterback.

The other highlight of that day was that students were able to sign up for a field goal kicking competition prior to the game. They had a raffle in which someone would pick five names to come out during halftime to kick a 15 yard field goal. The winner would be given $500, second place would be given $250 and third place would be given $100.

“I was hoping to participate in the field goal competition because it would’ve been an easy 500,” Jones said. “I would’ve won no doubt about it. They could’ve put the ball at the fifty and I would have made it.”

The competition at halftime did not disappoint. All five people missed the 15 yard field goal, so they moved it up to ten and two students made their kicks. To decide who would get the $500 the ball would be moved back 5 yards but both were missed after the ball doinked off the goal post. The two final students decided to split the money after missing both kicks.

“I play basketball here at Saddleback College and I fractured my ankle back in July and so I was really nervous coming out here,” said Dariush Bannayan, another student at Saddleback. “ I thought I was going to make a complete fool out of myself but I came in here and I actually surprised myself and I’m glad. I felt like I wanted a retry when I hit the crossbar but I mean I came in here and got something, so better than nothing you know I’m grateful.”

Saddleback had a big turnout that inevitably led to a loss by the football team. The Bobcats look to bounce back next week before our huge streak of away games.