Saddleback Golf has best showing of season

The Saddleback college golf team has not won a tournament this season, but it recently had it’s best showing by placing 3rd at the OEC tournament at Arroyo Trabuco on April 15.   

“I played golf at Mission Viejo High School for four years,” said Chase Bosanko , who plays golf for Saddleback. “I got into playing golf after going to Gamestop at the age of eight and saw a $5 video game ‘Tiger Woods PGA 2004’ and started playing it and asks his dad for a set of clubs and went to the driving range from there.”

Chase’s highlight during his senior in high school year was being named MVP of the South Coast League and made it to the south coast league finals and he barely missed the cut to go on to the next round.”

He “shot two under par at the Riverside tournament” which was the highlight of his season.

Chase wants to transfer to Boise State because he has other friends that attend the college, and he wants to contact the coach there.

“We aren’t the best team in the south coast community,” said Cole Griffo. “We’re all decent it’s just hard to get everyone to come together and play well the same day which is hard for every team to do, but we have some good players and we get to play good together soon.”  

“The best we ever got in a tournament was third place out of six teams which is not so good,” Cole said.

A lot of players on the team got into golf because of their parents’ influence. 

“I played golf at Tesoro high school, and the highlight of my season was to play at the very top team which was the varsity and also had a highlight this season the last round they played which was the Riverside tournament,”  Young said.

Golf is a unique sport that’s not too aggressive and it’s very family friendly if you want to relax and enjoy nature. It’s not a harcore sport where you have to put all of your force to be good at it,  Plasso said.

He got cut from the baseball team in high school and decided to try to play golf. The highlight of his high school career playing golf is when he won the JV league tournament, Plasso said.

“The highlight of this season so far was getting a play in every match and playing new courses,” Plasso said.

Plasso is only a freshman in college so he is unsure of where he wants to transfer, but he is going to keep playing golf and decide where he might end up after Saddleback.  

Each individual player enjoys being a part of the team and making good plays and doing well in tournaments together.

“For golf, it’s tough to make a team because it such an individual sport, but when you’re able to communicate with your teammates to help you play better and saying it to them is very special and it really helps a lot,” Bosanko said.   

Weather permitting, Saddleback will travel to Royal Vista in Rowland Heights for today’s Orange Empire Conference championship.