Saddleback extends their win streak to 4 games

The Bobcats in a huddle talking to each other during their game. | JP Wesertbeck

On Friday night, the Saddleback Bobcats beat Goldenwest 84-75 as they extended their win streak to four wins. Saddleback finds themselves in a tie for first place after winning their first two league games this week.

After their first league win against Cypress, this was looked as a very important game because it was their first league home game.

“It’s important to take care of these games,” said Jeff Oliver, basketball coach for the Saddleback Bobcats. “We want to take care of the games on our home court and try to get as many as you can on the road so it was almost like a must win type of game.”

Maturity is a big thing stressed by Oliver as this team is very young being mostly freshmen but they are growing and getting better daily.

After a poor first half only leading 33-30 Saddleback seemed to be heating up in the second half, scoring 51 points. The Bobcats were led by Antiba Taylors 23 points on 8-13 shooting.

Although they won this game, Oliver preached that they need to improve everywhere.

“We weren’t really good and the one guy that played well was Atiba Taylor,” Oliver said. “Everyone else was pretty poor, so we have a lot of room to grow.”

The Bobcats have won six of their last seven games and that has been attributed to the hard work being put out in practice.

“Honestly we have just been going hard in practice,” Antiba Taylor said. “We have just been taking everything more seriously, more game situations and everyone coming in earlier and getting their extra shots in and you know playing as a team and working together.”

The Bobcats have one more game before their long stretch of games in January and even though they will have a few days of Christmas break you can’t take so many days off.

“We will probably take a couple days off, not too many though because we gotta get ready for the 30th and try to go 3-0,” Taylor said.

Saddleback is now 9-4 and looks to improve to 10-4 as they will be playing Victor Valley College on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in Victorville.