Saddleback women’s soccer team dominates this season

Saddleback Women’s soccer team by Candicedartezphotography

This season the Saddleback women’s soccer team has gone undefeated and hasn’t had a goal scored against them. With 10 games down and 10 to go, this soccer team has a lot of opportunities to beat more school records.

The first game they won 7-0 and they had another game where they had a record of 700 people spectating the game in the new stadium.

These women work hard to earn these goals by playing soccer 5 days a week, playing 2 games a week. Led by coach BJ McNicol, this women’s soccer team has scored a total of 40 goals and has three team captains to help lead the team. He has been coaching at Saddleback College for nine years and has supported the women on the team since the beginning.

“The girls are always putting in the utmost effort, since June 24 we’ve been at it,” said Genesis Long, captain of Saddleback’s women’s soccer team. “We’re proving ourselves, showing how much hard work we’ve been putting in since the beginning of summer.”

Games are on Tuesdays and Fridays, so head down to the new stadium to see this women’s soccer team and support them.

“That’s been the missing link for us as a program,” Coach Mj McNicol said. “We’ve never really had a home field that was an advantage and now we have the best soccer game experience in the state in my opinion.”

The girls lift each other up and reiterate that drama isn’t present within the team, contributing toward their success of being undefeated. The new stadium has been an acclamation for the team, as they’ve never really had their own field to call their own.

“We like to follow what’s called mobcat mentality,” said Mia Wood, captain of the women’s soccer team. “The new mascot is the bobcat, so we mob them up in the front and they kind of have no room to breathe and for the most part we’ve been dominating in games.”

The new stadium’s turf is designed to absorb less heat and has attracted more fans, as a record broke in the school for most attendance at a soccer game in school history.

Saddleback’s women’s soccer team is now statistically the #1 team in California based on powerpoints, and are setting records this season. COVID has proven to be an obstacle for many businesses and teams, however this soccer team has fought through it.

“Our kids have been amazing at keeping each other safe, testing when they need to, and we’re actually one of the teams that’s come back from COVID better,” Coach McNicol said.

Their team is very inclusive, and especially with these undefeated wins they are able to play almost all the girls. “We won a game 10-0 and that was really fun because a lot of the girls got to play,” said Sammi Vilasenor, captain of Saddleback’s Women’s soccer team.

Having 10 games with no goals scored against them, Saddleback’s women’s soccer team is breaking school records and utilizing the new stadium to beat opponents.



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