Patriots or the Rams? Who will win this Sunday

Saddleback students take time to predict a winner

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Saddleback college students have an opinion on everything, it is human nature. Their opinions on the Super bowl seems to differ between the pros and the students. One thing is for sure, grab your pretzels and chicken wings and enjoy the thrill of the game.

The opinions of who will win are different depending on loyalties and opinions of the teams. The Rams being a local Los Angeles team,and not having won in almost 20 years, created a huge following in Southern California. The Patriots are the team to never vote against according to Saddleback student Shawn Trumbly. They have five superbowl wins in the last 17 years, all with quarterback Tom Brady.

“I think the Patriots will win because Brady has a good winning streak,” Shawn Trumbly said while discussing the possible outcomes. “I have little knowledge of the other team.”

A handful of the comments I received were personal. Second year student, Cora Murphy stated that she wanted the Rams to win because she is a New York Jets fan and cannot stand the Patriots. Biased opinions or not, the odds were up in the air.

“I hate the Patriots, LA is my home,” said Julia Simpson, a third year student at Saddleback. “Tom Brady has won enough of these games, sometimes other people have to win.”

One team hits home for Saddleback locals, but are they right to stay close-minded towards the Patriots. According to CBS Sports’ article, “Super Bowl 2019 predictions: Expert picks against spread, props, odds, line, live stream, channel, kickoff time,” John Breech was the only one of five experts to pick the Rams.

The article also went onto say that the Patriots would have more downs, Gronkowski would score the first touchdown, and Tom Brady would have almost 300 passing yards.

The game has ended and the Patriots have won. They achieved their sixth super bowl win in franchise history. The game was uneventful and CBS Sports’ predictions were wrong. Breech guessed incorrectly, as did all five predictors. They all predicted scores of 20 or more for both teams but neither team reached a score of 15.

Oddly enough, there was one person who seemed to have every prediction correct, ex-player Tony Romo. SB Nation wrote an article enlightening the public on it all. “Every Tony Romo prediction he got right during the Super Bowl” goes play by play for both Romo’s predictions and the first half of the game.

Locals may have been upset over the loss, but Trumbly guessed correctly and so did first year student Amgad Fahem.

“The Patriots are going to wing because of their coach, Belichick, being the greatest,” he said. “The coach also made Brady as good as he is.”

The 2018-2019 season has come to an end. The 2019 draft will be this coming April and the season will begin this September to see what team makes a major comeback. Will the Patriots be back for their seventh superbowl, or will a new team claim the title and put an end to their reign? Only time will tell.