No ‘I’ in team goals

Defensive lineman Austin Moore, left, blocks Daniel Duncan from college of the Canyons “Sept. !.”

Gauchos football players reflect on what they hope to accomplish this season

Saddleback Gauchos football team started their season on Sept. 1. 

Sophomore linebacker Jadon Digravio began his second season for the Gauchos with  goals like becoming the best teammate and leader, winning the conference championship, earning the state title. 

“I feel a lot more comfortable on the field, plus it is a lot of fun with all the players who came back from last year,” he said.

Before every game, he studies all the assignments, eats a healthy meal and prepares his body by stretching and physical therapy. 

Sophomore Austin Moore, defensive lineman, also in his second year, strives to be a physical presence on the field, a leader for new teammates off and on the field and  break the sack record of 13.

“I feel pretty good playing my second year here at Saddleback,” Moore said. “Sometimes it’s rough because it’s an entirely new team. We just need to mold and work together to become more of a team unit.” 

Last season Moore scored 6.5 sacks and 52 tackles.

“I pray before games and practices to bring happiness to my life and to be the best me,” Moore said. “Also to bring the best out of myself to have courage, strength and to be healthy. Then I’ll listen to motivational speeches by famous athletes or listen to intense music to get me worked up.”

Freshman Terrence Smith, offensive lineman, is starting his first year for the Gauchos. 

Following a season start of 1-2, he wants to bounce back with a big winning streak and earn the national championship. He also wants to get a few scholarship offers during the process.

“Playing for the Gauchos is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made,” he said. “I love the brotherhood we have on the team and I also like how knowledgeable the coaches are here at saddleback.”

Freshman Gabriel Martinez, offensive lineman and first-year Gaucho, wants a relationship with all his teammates. Before every game he watches films of defending team linemen to better anticipate how strong they are. 

“I was blessed with the opportunity to start at right tackle,” Martinez said. “It was truly a blessing to play at saddleback because I created some amazing relationships with my offensive and defensive line group.” 

The Gauchos next play their homecoming game at Mission Viejo High School, celebrating the college’s 50 anniversary.