World-traveled surfer prefers San-O

Mason Klink wins state championship riding his longboard the beginning of March (Mason Klink)

Mason Klink wins state championship riding his longboard the beginning of March (courtesy of Mason Klink)

Mason Klink won the 2016 surf state championship title in the long board division for Saddleback College. Mason has been on the surf team for four semesters and has enjoyed his amazing experience traveling to multiple beaches. Coach Lindsey Steinreide has also been a big support and source for a push to perform better.

“Lindsay is so supportive and having a world champion long boarder as your coach, makes it so rewarding and pushes me to perform my best,” Klink said.

Klink started consistently surfing in the third grade, when his dad would come pick him up from school in a motorhome full of surfboards. They would go to San Onofre three days during the week and again on Saturdays and Sundays. Making it so he wanted to go every day. He became interested in the sport by watching his father and being surrounded by friends at school who surfed as well.

“One of my first toys was a skateboard and growing up my dad was such an inspiration to me it made me want to go surfing with him,” Klink said. “He’d pick me up after school from San Juan Montessori with his board strapped to the roof and sometimes I’d be so upset if he didn’t take me I’d cry. So I’ve honestly been interested in surfing as long as I can remember.”

He learned how to surf on a long board and sometimes feels the need to stay loyal to his roots, although he has learned to ride whatever the wave calls for. If it is knee to chest sized, he prefers to ride a nose rider, but if the waves are bigger he will usually find the board that fits the wave.

Klink started competing at 9 years old and is unable to count the amount of competitions he has been in. While going up and down the coast, he and his family were in the International Surf Festival and National Scholastic Surfing Association battling it out multiple times together.

“The feeling of winning any contest is incredible,” he said.” It’s so rewarding and gives you great confidence in your ability. Whether it’s the San-O club contest or NSSA State Championships the feeling of winning is so awesome.”

Competing against a life-long friend and other talented surfers from places like San Diego to Santa Barbara, this last win was especially meaningful to Klink. The feeling of winning made him want to perform better and push himself even more.

Even though he does not plan on becoming a professional surfer, he wants a future in business and plans on taking sewing classes to learn about making garments. He would like to intertwine his natural artistic ability and love for surfing into high fashion and runways designs.

Klink has traveled around the world surfing in places like Costa Rica, Indonesia and a 15-20 foot wave in Hawaii before. Although those places have been an incredible experience, his favorite spot is still in his hometown, San Onofre.

“My surf team coach in middle school, Senor Hennings, used to joke that my mom gave birth to me under the shack at Old Man’s. I will most likely end up getting married on the beach there,” Klink said.