Lasers volleyball moves to 3-0

SMILE (Courtesy of lVC Athletics)

Matt Garvey

 Irvine Valley College women’s volleyball team started the season ranked #3 in the state and has now won the first three matches.

They have not only won this game, but the women remain undefeated for the season.

The girls have been jumping out of the gym, setting up killer blocks, and digging everything hit their way.

Like a well-run factory line each player is filling her role and the end product is a finely made winning machine.

IVC defeated San Diego City Friday night at home.

Sophomores Hillary Crone and Ellie Wiekamp combined for 20 kills.

Setters Maddie Sapigao and Christie Allen had 18 and 15 assists respectively.

“We got going when we ran some combos and they couldn’t stop those,” said Coach Tom Pestolesi.

Combinations are like set plays that try to get hitters open swings by fooling the blockers and getting them out of position.

The all around team effort makes the Lasers a formidable opponent for any team in the state.

Volleyball is a game of rhythm and momentum and the ladies have both in abundance.

Right now it looks like slowing down the Lasers will be a difficult task.

IVC plays this Thursday against Moorpark at home at 5 PM.