Lasers dominate Knights in third straight sweep

Cerise Ostrem

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Two teams entered Friday’s match undefeated. One left humbled.

Victory doesn’t get much sounder than Irvine Valley’s dominant 3-0 win over San Diego City College on the road. In just over an hour, the Lasers nailed out the 30-13, 30-17, 30-15 sweep to improve their overall record to 5-0 and continue their non-conference hot streak.

“They did a great job at doing what we asked them to do– just take care of our side,” said Lasers head coach Tom Pestolesi. “They’re starting to get more comfortable with each other as people, so they’re starting to play better.”

In each of the three games, the Lasers took control from the start. Before the Knights ever pulled into double-digits, IVC had all ready pulled out a 10-point lead.

SDCC, which had not lost a game in its 3-0 start, was unable put any run longer than two points together in the one-sided first game of the match.

“The little goal we have is to improve one percent every day and, over the ninety or hundred days we have volleyball, we’re going to improve quite a bit,” Pestolesi said. “This week we got a little better.”

The only say the Knights managed Friday was a 6-0 rally late in game two to bring them within 10 points of their dominating visitors. A kill by Lasers Marilena Guadagnini quickly brought an end to the stretch and shut down any SDCC momentum.

The Lasers refused to let up the rest of the match to seal their largest win margin of the season.

“We played more toward our potential, rather than playing down to their level,” said IVC’s freshman Katie Pascoe, who finished with 11 kills. “We were pretty consistent.”

Outside hitter Chelsea Pavilk led the night with 16 kills. Freshman Camryn Torromeo contributed seven aces and nine digs. Setter Kelly Keating finished with 42 assists.

With another win under their belt, the Lasers squad is hoping to keep its 5-0 start and dominant victory Friday from distracting their focus.

“[We have a] big game on Wednesday against Moorpark. That’s very important for us to do well in,” Pestolesi said. “These last two preseason matches are really important. They will really help us, or hurt us, down the road for playoff berths.”

The Lasers will face the duo of non-conference opponents at home. After facing Moorpark on Wednesday at 6 p.m., Irvine will close out preseason play with a visit from Palomar College on Sept. 26 at 5 p.m.

“[We have to] work really hard in practice and not let up at all,” said sophomore Kimberly Peter. “[We have to] put our whole heart into it the whole time.”