Lakers guard Rajon Rondo donates to Upstate New York Community

Former NBA Champion gives back.

Rajon Rondo bringing the ball up the floor calling for the next play  [Kirby Lee/Smashdown Sports News]

The four-time all-star point guard Rajon Rondo and his foundation, Rajon Rondo Foundation Inc. donated twenty-five pairs of sneakers to the Syracuse, New York police force- due to recent viral videos surfacing over the past month.

Videos of Officer Brandon Hanks issuing a challenge to the youth of the city, simply beat Hanks in a game of one-on-one and he owes you a pair of sneakers. But if Hanks’ wins, the loser must do twenty push-ups. The videos gained 38,000 views on Hanks’ personal Facebook page alone and started to gain national attention.

After seeing such great sportsmanship and such a great role model for inner-city youth, it was hard for the Rajon Rondo Foundation Inc. not to take some sort of action.

“We are always willing to provide support to people who are willing to use their time, talent and treasure to make this world a better place,” a representative from the organization told 

“It feels great,” Hanks’ stated when asked how he felt about this contribution by Spectrum News CNY. “It’s one of the more happier moments in my career, let alone my life.” Hanks’ said “He’s been my favorite point guards for a long time so, when I found out about this, I almost dropped my phone.”

Since issuing this challenge Hanks’ has only had to buy one pair of shoes and now it doesn’t look like he’s going to take any trips to the shoe store for a while. “I don’t plan on losing, so if they have to collect dust for a little while, I’ll let them do that.” 

On the court and in the locker room Rondo has always been known as a leader and a team first guy. Those qualities are also seen by his foundation.

Rondo looks to help the Lakers to their first playoff run since 2013 and with new free agent deals and trades over the off season, it has definitely made it a very real possibility.

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