How Saddleback Sports has done overall this season

photo by Kavelle Tomaiko

The athletic program at Saddleback Community College has once again proven its mettle, as the Bobcats delivered performance across a wide range of sports this season. With a roster of student-athletes and dedicated coaching staff, Saddleback rose to new heights.

The Bobcats this season across all sports are leaving a mark on the collegiate sports scene. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible achievements of the Bobcats this season.

Let’s start with how well baseball has done. Baseball is currently ongoing still, but looking to have many more games still to come. The team so far has been able to play 39 games, and is preparing for CCCAA Regional Playoffs.

The team’s record is overall 29-10. For their conference record, the team scores at 15-6. Bobcats have overall dominated in the OEC ballot. The team had 10 players named to play in the All-Orange Empire Conference team.

The Saddleback baseball team delivered a season to remember, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication. With their powerful swings, precise pitching, and excellent fielding, the teams consistently outperformed their opponents.

The Bobcats’ baseball squad emerged as a formidable force, finishing the season with an impressive win-loss record. Saddleback’s baseball program continues to be a source of pride for the college.

CCCAA Regional Playoffs will be held from the fifth to the 21st. Following that, the CCCAA State Tournament will be from the 27th-29th. Best of luck to men’s baseball!

Similarly, the softball team displayed skill and grit, leaving a lasting impression on fans and opponents alike.

Catcher Mia Calderon and Pitcher Desiree McGruder were named to the squad. With these two athletes leading the team, they were able to finish as the 2nd team in the All-Orange Empire Conference.

The Bobcats put in their all with 36 games in total. There were 132 runs overall, and a batting average of .269.

Saddleback finishes the season at 15-21 overall and 5-16 in Orange Empire Conference play.

The Saddleback men’s basketball team was named No. 13 seed for the CCCAA Southern California Regional Tournament.

Our men’s basketball team came to a close at the regional semifinals, playing against San Bernardino Valley. The final score of that final match was 77-45, with the Bobcats taking the loss.

The team’s overall record was 19-11. The conference score for the team was 10-6.

Saddleback basketball team displayed unparalleled skill and tenacity on the court this season. The Bobcats made their mark, racking up wins and capturing the attention of fans.

Led by their coach, the Bobcats executed offensive plays and showcased what they’ve got, leading to several nail-biting victories. The basketball program at Saddleback has firmly established itself as a powerhouse within the community college circuit.

Both women’s and men’s cross country teams made it far in their seasons.

The women’s team finished second at the Orange Empire Conference Finals. The team had four squad members make it to the OEC Finals.

The men’s cross country team qualified for the CCCAA State Finals with a 10th place finish. With that being said, the Bobcats ended up with five teammates finishing in the top 60.

Saddleback cross country athletes showcased their athletic prowess this season, leaving a trail of record-breaking performances in their wake. The Bobcats’ cross country teams both got very far in the competition.

Men’s golf made history as they finished second at the CCCAA State Finals. The team celebrated as Carson Adams won the individual medalist honors at the State tournament. Adams has become the fifth player from Saddleback to have the lowest total in history of the tournament.

With women’s golf following up to that victory, they finished in third place at the CCCAA Finals. The women’s golf program had two players show excellence in acceptance to four-year commitment.

Saddleback’s golf program experienced another standout season, with both the men’s and women’s teams swinging their way to success. The Bobcats demonstrated exceptional technique, precision, and mental fortitude on the greens, earning expected results in both tournaments.

The Bobcats football team overall was 3-7, with a conference record of 2-3. There was outstanding performance shown with seven Bobcats named Academic All-State. With seven Bobcats meeting the qualifying criteria, they tied up in ranks for the lead.

With multiple players committing to four-year universities, two were also chosen to be in the CCCFCA Hall of Fame. Kyle Long and Mark McElroy were recently inducted this semester.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Kerry Crabb, the Saddleback football team showcased their dominance throughout the season. The team’s relentless determination and exceptional teamwork paid off as scouts recognized the players for their excellence. This season, Saddleback’s football program proved itself as a force to be reckoned with.

Women’s soccer overall was 21-2-3, with a conference record of 11-1-2. The Bobcats were able to cliche their first state soccer title over Chaffey College with a 2-0 victory. This victory was the first in seven years.

Saddleback’s swimming and diving program made a splash this season, with the Bobcat athletes pushing their limits in the pool. The Bobcats displayed speed, technique, and precision in the water, setting new personal bests and breaking records.

Saddleback’s swimming and diving teams for both men’s and women’s finished strong this season. Women’s swim came in 3rd at OEC Finals while men’s swim came in 4th in OEC Finals.

With one of the swimmers on the men’s team finishing strong for the rest of the team, the team as a whole was able to come in at 20th place. As for the women’s team, they finished with 502 points as a team leaving them with the highest point total since 2018.

Women’s tennis took second place in conference, when six players then qualified to play at Ojai. The team also qualified for playoffs, the first time in two years. The overall conference score for the team was 8-3.

Taking a look at men’s tennis, two of the doubles teams qualified for Ojai after playing in the Orange Empire Conference.

The men’s and women’s teams exhibited a combination of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Their consistent victories and performance throughout the season served up two hard-working teams.

Taking a look at track and field, the men’s team came prepared for the Orange Coast Classic with five athletes. The Bobcats led with winning five events and finished second at the meet. The team finished strong in third place in the OEC Finals.

The women’s track and field team as well finished third place at the OEC Finals. At the CCCAA Southern California Regional Finals, four Bobcats made it in the top 10.

For men’s water polo, the Bobcats fought hard to rally a win of 13-11 against Orange Coast College, moving them onto the semifinals. From there, the team won an 8-7 win over Los Angeles Valley College at the CCCAA Southern California Regional Semifinals.

For the first time in 17 years the women’s water polo team qualified for the Southern California Regional Tournament, where they were then seeded seventh. Moving onto the CCCAA Southern California Regional Playoffs, the team had a record breaking win of 17-9.

Volleyball finished off strong with a record of 15-10. The team qualified for playoffs and had several players sign to universities.

The sports programs at Saddleback Community College have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to excellence. Across all the sports, Bobcats’ student-athletes showcased remarkable skill, determination, and teamwork.

With dedicated coaching staff and a supportive community, Saddleback Community College has solidified its reputation for sporting excellence.