Gauchos 3-time conference champs

Defeating Fullerton College 78-63 at home, Saddleback College’s basketball team completes the hat trick for having won three Orange Empire Conference titles in a row.

A collected Gaucho Head Coach Andy Ground said, “We still have to know where we are in the playoffs.” Ground has to put this one behind him as he now has to focus on the playoffs.

Even though the Hornets held on to a close score at half time 32-30 and lead throughout the majority of the first and in the second half, the Gauchos outplayed them overall. With the Gauchos 20-46  at field goal range combined with 39  rebounds over the Hornets 20-54 and 27 rebounds the Hornets lead did not hold.  Also with 20 points over the Hornets in the paint (38-18) the Gauchos had the numbers to defeat the Hornets in The Bummel Dome.

Hornet guard Joel Brokenbrough shot 10-19 field goals with four steals on the night leading Fullerton in points and steals on the night with 30.

The Gauchos took the winning lead by lay-up from forward Eric Thompson improving the Gauchos 41-40.  Thompson scored 12 on the night with 5-5 field goals made and leading the team with seven total rebounds.

Toward the end of the second half after fouling Hornet Roger Hamel near the Hornet foul line, Gaucho Rashad Davis did not agree with the call and had a few inaudible words with the referee causing the ref to charge Davis with a technical foul. Resulting in Hamel shooting two technical foul shots and a additional two from the originally fouled shot attempt.

The Gauchos playoff schedule is to be announced, check in with for updated brackets.