Cross country spotlight: Ramirez

Chris Cantwell

Evonna Ramirez, 19, graphic design, has been a cross country runner for six years, and has been in three marathons.

“Our goal for our cross country team is to make it to the state competition,” Ramirez said.

The cross country team at Saddleback College hopes to accomplish much for the season.

Cross country is an endurance sport that requires a lot of discipline, especially since marathons are normally 26 miles or 5 kilometer.

Cross country running is not for the undisciplined and fitness is essential. Cross country runners constantly watch what kind of food they are eating. They also have to drink plenty of water so they don’t become dehydrated.

“It changes your entire lifestyle,” Ramirez said, about her cross country routine and how she adapted to it.

Ramirez got involved with running because her doctor advised her to start doing sports.

“I never really did any sports, so my doctor suggested that I should,” Ramirez said.

There are only five girls on the cross country team.

“More people should join, it’s really a great experience,” Ramirez said. “Although it can be exhausting at times.”

Ramirez’s personal record time for a three mile race is 19:02 minutes. That is an average of around six and a half minutes per mile.

For someone who doesn’t regularly play any sports, this mile time seems astoundingly fast. Cross country is a perfectionist sport, where the miles become shorter as the runner improves.

Sports can help people stay active. Ramirez confirms that people who stay healthy and active, have an improved outlook on life.

“People who exercise tend to be more positive in general,” Ramirez said.

Cross country running has changed Ramirez’s lifestyle not only in a way where she has to discipline herself, but also with how she deals with everything else.

“Cross country teaches me how to deal with being under stress and not letting it get to me,” Ramirez said. “I feel like a stronger person because of it.”

Since the cross country season is in the fall, a lot of events will be coming up soon. There will be competitions that determine which cross country teams will be eligible to play in the state competition.

“The next event we’ll be attending is the SoCal Preview Race. It’s called a preview because that’s what it is, just a preview of all the teams and to condition ourselves for more running,” Ramirez said. “It’s going to be this upcoming weekend.”

The SoCal Preview is going to be in San Bernardino Valley. The date is Sept. 30, which is a Friday.

“I haven’t run lately because of my sprained ankle,” Ramirez said. “I hope to begin running soon.”

The cross country season has just started, so there are plenty more of events to run in for Ramirez.

“I don’t know what university I want to transfer to, but when I do I want to join the cross country team at the college I transfer to,” Ramirez said. “Cross country running is a big part of my life.”