Bobcat wide receiver garners recognition for unique reception and goes viral

Saddleback football receiver Marques Carrillo Edgar’s unique reception thrown by quarterback Branden Berwald l JPWest Media.

Saddleback football player Marques Carrillo Edgar received viral recognition for his unique catch during a game in the Bobcat stadium. Marques Carrillo Edgar, a freshman wide receiver was posted by various sports networks for his unconventional reception with his legs.

As a community college athlete being acknowledged by major networks for his agility and skill, Edgar describes his experience as a “surreal moment.”

He was not only recognized by professional sports networks, but also professional NFL players as well. Edgar says that a receiver from the Pittsburgh Steelers also reposted the initial post made by ESPN on Instagram.

His reception was a memorable moment not only for him, but also administrators in the Saddleback Athletic Department as well.

“It was one of the more athletic catches we have seen in program history, and it shows his athleticism and talent,” says Brad Hoiseth, Saddleback Sports Public Director.

Marcus Carrillo Edgar, a freshman business major, is a student from Norco High School that has been playing football seriously since his time spent there.

Edgar was one of the top receivers on the football team this past season with 29 receptions and 482 yards Saddleback College Athletics says. Statistics also show that Edgar had the highest average of yards per game and receptions per game this past season. 

With his level of talent as a freshman, the future is bright for Marques Carrillo Edgar in his time at Saddleback and post-college as he says he views football as a lifetime commitment and is hoping to transfer to San Diego University.