Are you ready for some football? All year long!

John Franz

Is it just me, or are you bloody sick of the NFL monopolizing itself on ESPN?

I turn on the tube to watch SportsCenter or Baseball Tonight but what’s on ESPN? A mock draft, I mean seriously.

To read more into it, I went to The top story is not about the NHL or NBA playoffs, or, heaven forbid, more Red Sox and Yankees coverage. No, no, no. It’s two imbeciles in Christmas football gear… in APRIL!

Want to go even further? On ESPN Radio, it’s all about the NFL draft, all day, everyday for the past week.

OK, I love the NFL. I am a season ticket holder of the San Diego Chargers. I bleed yellow and powder blue, but in football season. In April, I have better stuff to worry about. For example, the Cubs and Angels are sucking it up right now, and the fact the Lakers and Ducks are in the playoffs. Personally, I’m worrying about the Bulls and the Blackhawks.

The NFL draft I can see being important enough to have on all day for the first two rounds, but do you really care who Mr. Irrelevant is going to be? I didn’t and I feel sorry for people who watched every minute of the draft coverage, and for Raiders fans.

The most exciting part of the draft happened in the first 30 minutes, where the New York football Jets traded up to get former Mission Viejo and USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, who actually seemed excited to fulfill his childhood dream, unlike the Rams’ first round pick, Jason Smith, an offensive tackle. He seemed less than thrilled to be a Ram, or hey, a NFL football player. Any one want to call and trade him jobs?

One of the stories of the day was Darrius Heyward-Bey. He was drafted seventh overall by the Oakland Raiders instead of Texas Tech star Michael Crabtree, who is arguably the best player in the draft. This made me check my Facebook page. Within seconds, my friends who are Raider fans showed how mad they were in words I cannot type in this column, but you get the drift. This made me happy, because nothing except a sad or angry White Sox fan makes me happier than a frustrated Raiders fan.

The NFL draft to me is what it is, a one-day affair that ESPN makes into months of airtime, because they have nothing better to do. If I really want to watch anything regarding the NFL, I always have the option I never use outside of the NFL season, the NFL Network.

Mock drafts are created by nerds who basically think they are NFL general managers, which they are not. They actually televise this. Yes, they do. They televise it before the real draft. So really, it’s the whole day of NFL, when playoffs are on. Heck, the playoff game between the Hornets and the Nuggets had a draft countdown! So in case I forgot, instead of watching a great game with the two of the best young players in the NBA. I get to look forward to the most boring sports event in the history of mankind. I wonder if the arm wrestling championships had been on instead, would they have a draft countdown? Unfortunately, I think we all know that answer.