Five tips to help you win your fantasy football league

(Keith Allison/Wikicommons)

With the NFL season kicking off this weekend, more and more people are getting involved with fantasy football. The game within the game is something the fans can use an excuse to cheer against our favorite team or to show off some of your football knowledge, even if you don’t have as much as it seems. Fantasy football is a grind all season long and with these five important tips and tricks, you should use to be able to get yourself into a prime position to win your league.

  1. Know your league’s rules.

Many people play fantasy football but may not look into the fine print of the rules to see what may make a certain player more valuable than others. For example, the term PPR (Points Per Reception) is used all over fantasy football. If you can find a player who can rack up catches game after game but may not have the same offensive arsenal as some of the best receivers and running backs, they can be very important to strengthen your roster. 

Finding intricate ways to find players that may go overlooked is very crucial in eventually finding a diamond in the rough that can carry you to a championship.

  1. Keep up with the news.

With all the media attention that has come to fantasy sports over the past couple of years, finding news about teams and players has become easier than ever. One of the best sources that people can use is Twitter.

 Being able to see injuries, cuts, trades, and reports from beat writers are very useful information that most people can obtain with just a quick follow on Twitter. Being on top of the news is one of the most important things in fantasy football because it enables you to be the first person to decide if this news is crucial to improving your roster. Some great basic follows for NFL news are Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) and Ian Rapoport (@Rapsheet).

  1. Learn the art of trading.

Trading is tough to make yourself better because most of the time you need someone who is less knowledgeable than yourself to get the best deal. This may sound hard to find, but there are tips that some casual players do not know that can help you get some wins in the future. For example, try taking advantage of the team you are playing against by trading players on a bye week. Now, this scenario may happen later in the year, but if you can trade a player who isn’t playing to the person you are playing against, this is an ultimate win-win trade result.

Now trying to trade for the best player in another question that is subject to personal opinion. More than likely, if you can trade two decent players for a star player, this is what you want to do. Fantasy football is built around needing stars on your team for winning a championship.

  1. Don’t overreact and stay calm.

I know that this may sound cliché or very bland but this is very important to keep a level mind and not make decisions based on emotion. If you are mad about a player that you drafted in the first three rounds having a bad week, take a deep breath and see if the player was really the problem. There are many factors like the matchup, injuries and roster moves teams make that go into a game for why your player has a week winning game or week losing game. Try and find owners in your league that is overreacting to a bad week by their players so you can get them for cheap in a trade.

  1. Don’t be afraid, you make the decisions after all.

Fantasy football should be played with the sole purpose to have fun and win the championship. After all, how many places can you gloat in front of your friends and feel no remorse? If you want to make a deal for your favorite player, do it, nobody is stopping you. Many people in leagues want to get their favorite players so finding a way to get them will make the experience better for you and should improve your team.

Fantasy football is an interactive game that is made for the person who is most active to be in a great position to do well. Following these five tips should help put you in a position to have a successful year in fantasy football.