What the Food diet?

Sandra Reyes poses with her lettuce headband and cranberry flower. Photograph by Lizzie Williams.

Sandra Reyes poses with her lettuce headband and cranberry flower. Photograph by Lizzie Williams.

Health magazine decided to list their top seven favorite food diets that can help you perform better in the gym. Read down below to find out what type of food diet do you are.
Our first diet relates to that person who does not give a crap about animals, the environment, or their health. This food diet consists of meat and anything else you want to eat. You feel like going to the fair and eating every fried food there?
Go right ahead, this diet has no limitations, but you will get diabetes. But who cares because this is your life and you only live once. Why not be selfish and be a carnivore. Eat whatever you like and have a heart attack at 50.

Why spend so much time in the kitchen cooking, when you can simply just eat it raw. The second food diet involves uncooked and unprocessed: meat, nuts, vegetables, fish and dairy products. Plus eating unprocessed foods makes this diet healthy, so why not try raw foodism.
If you have a busy schedule or just a lazy person, this diet would be the best fit for you. Plus you can save money that will probably be spent on going to the doctors after getting multiple diseases by eating raw meat.

Don’t you just hate killing animals, but wait you still want eat some kind of meat. The third diet would be a great fit for you. If you are a pescetarian, you can eat the meat of the ocean. Your diet consist of fish, seafood, nuts, vegetables, and dairy products.
Eating dairy products or eggs is not a problem for you. In a way you can still save animals lives, but torture the female animals. No biggie, farmers are just using machines to get milk from the cows utters. Who cares about eating unborn chickens.

The fourth diet, one of the coolest because you can be three different versions of this diet. You do not want to eat meat from the land or ocean, so you become a vegetarian. Now you can be the basic one that eats both dairy products and eggs.
But what if you are lactose intolerant? Well guess what, you can be an ovo vegetarian that eats no dairy products, but will still have eggs. Screw unborn chickens.
Or you’re the type of person who likes dairy products, but does not want to eat eggs from chicken.This diet can go many different ways, but the main important key should be that you do not eat meat.

Everyone has that one friend that always has to ask multiple questions whenever they go out to eat because they cannot have a certain ingredient. With the fifth diet you can eat everything but wheat and grains. You either have an allergic to gluten or gluten has become unhealthy to you.
Even though it is a protein that can help your body. With a gluten free diet you have to check every label when you go grocery shopping and ask a shit load of questions at restaurants because you want to double check.
Some people have no choice and will never understand the beauty of the Cheesecake Factory’s brown bread. What a tragedy. My thoughts go out to you and your taste buds.

The sixth food diet was one of the most intense ones out of all them. You have to be completely motivated and one with earth. You despise carnivores because they have become like cannibals to you, eating flesh and all those nasty processed foods. Vegetarians become your homies because there is one more step into your clan. The clan of vegans.
In order to be apart of the clan, you must forget about everything you were taught about anything. Only focus on animal rights, an eco-friendly lifestyle, and Zen.
Free your soul from all the toxins, release the demons that tell you to eat animal products. With this diet you will find your inner peace and no one will ever take you out to eat.

You thought veganism has strict rules, wait until I describe to you the last diet, a fruitarian.
When someone who consists their whole diet on fruits. Basically your think like this, “screw nutrition, screw everything that tastes good, I am going to get really sick and just eat fruit.”
But wait you can also eat nuts and seeds, so there’s some nutrition there. Fruitarians are doing the world a favor by saving animal lives and using less waste which saves the planet. A win win situation in my book. .
Plus you save a ton of money that can be spent going to the doctors once a week because you have become very sick or unhealthy. But who cares about life.

From reading these factual descriptions of food diets, I hope you can find out what type of food diet fits your workout routine.