TED Talks: Rick James hologram speaks to students: ‘cocaine is one hell of a drug’

James spoke volumes about the dangers of drugs without actually talking about the dangers of drugs

APRIL-FOOLSFunk, sex and drugs extremist Rick James made a guest appearance at Saddleback College to discuss how “cocaine is one hell of a drug.”

His appearance was conducted via hologram, since he passed in 2014 from pulmonary failure at 59 years old.

James came to the Student Services Center on Tuesday in a similar fashion to Tupac’s appearance at Coachella in 2012.

“It is so great to have someone with such a strong impact and cultural background as Rick James come to Saddleback,” Mr. Mackey, liberal arts instructor said.

James was one of the leading lights during the disco era of the late ’70s. He was the guy you’d find swinging from a disco ball in full make-up and leather ’n fringe costumes.

James told students stories about losing his virginity at 9 years of age to a 14-year-old girl in the neighborhood.

“I was kinky in nature as a young boy,” James said while summoning a female to sit on his lap. “Come here sugga, let me lick yo face!”

Linda Lovelace, women’s studies, 17, apprehensively went to sit on his transparent limbs, but unfortunately she met the floor before she met his lap.

“I’m Rick James, bitch,” James said pushing his glittered braids across his face.

Students were star struck by James and his indistinct, nonsensical mannerisms.

“I couldn’t make out what he was saying half of the time,” Lovelace said. “I just wanted him to sing ‘Super Freak.’”

James made a reference to Charlie Murphy’s couch, and how he destroyed it with his platform boots that were sopped in mud.

“Alright kids, now we gonna talk about COCAINE,” James said, bringing his pinky nail closer to his nostril. “You know I f- – -ed up Charlie Murphy’s couch?”

James’ nose started bleeding profusely when relaying his story.

Students and faculty didn’t know how to react to this three-dimensional, synthetic being.

James was supposed to talk to students about the dangers of drugs, but he was too high to affect the students in a positive way.

“Drugs are bad MKAY,” Mr. Mackey said.

While James didn’t include any motivational speaking into his appearance at TED Talks, he did inadvertently deter students from ever experimenting with cocaine.