Study ‘a broad’ in the Netherlands

If students want to show their friends pictures of their experience in the Red Light District, they have to bring a sketch pad not a camera. Photographs of the alleys are not allowed. (Illustration by Amarah Eden)

APRIL-FOOLSSaddleback College offers its students many opportunities to travel to places like Spain, Ireland, Mexico and Brazil. This summer the Netherlands will be added to that list.

“Students then get deeper and deeper …when they get to experience what is offered in the Red Light District.”

The Netherlands was not added to the program to offer a traditional education. This program will give students a opportunity to study a broad in one of the most famous Red Light Districts in the world.

This six-month course will allow students to integrate classroom learning with exposure to different cultures and environments. Students will be exposed to great food, beautiful women and a life style only seen on a porn site. These experiences are not for the faint of heart.

Throughout the curriculum there will be opportunities to explore the beautiful Dutch kingdom, however, this is not just a vacation.

The first month in Amsterdam will be dedicated to getting students familiar with the city. This includes laws of the country as wells as the unwritten rules that run the very district the program will be studying, the Red Light District.

The next two months will an in-depth look at the live shows available in some of the most famous theaters in the Red Light District Casa Rosso, Moulin Rouge and of course the Amsterdam Banana Bar.

Next will be an even deeper look into what is offered in the Red Light District. There are many alley ways and side streets that offer a window shopping experience. That can make some very uncomfortable, but don’t worry, there are many other ways to fill this requirement. The Red Light District has many brothels and private houses that offer a more traditional experience.

The last month will be dedicated to detoxing as well as presenting projects to the class on the experience each group had in this world-famous-city.

This class will have a maximum of 20 students and will be split into groups of two to four students, and these groups will experience Amsterdam together.

The grading is very simple. Fifty percent of your grade will be from the final presentation, 25 percent will be attendance and 25 percent will be participation.

Interested students act fast and get your applications in, as the last day for applications is April 20.