The perks of fall

Fall is here, time to enjoy the cold weather and vibrant colors.

Fall is here, time to enjoy the cold weather and vibrant colors.

It is mid-October and and fall is in full swing effect. We know what that means, it’s time to pull out those hoodies, strap-on those boots and get ready for the leaves to start falling.

This season is the best season to start gathering together, cozying up and enjoy the beautiful days coming. The great thing about fall means that holidays are just around the corner.

Fall comes with so many perks to say the least, here are some favorites about this season and what it has to offer.

Fall Favorites

Cold days

After what felt like a prolonged summer, and definitely one of the hottest, cold days are finally here. It’s time for all you Starbucks basics to start sipping on pumpkin latte’s and bring on the blankets. Colder days means more time spent at home. Probably the most time spent at home. They consist of renting your favorite movies, or hanging in your favorite sweats. At least that is what I love doing. Ladies, you won’t have to worry about messing up your makeup with the dreadful heat, and Gents you no longer have to worry about being drenched in sweat all day.

  • Sweater Weather:  Fall comes with all sorts of layers, and by layers I mean sweaters, scarfs, stockings and booties. While some might be sad that summer doesn’t last forever, others like myself, are ready for the trends that fall has to offer. Here are some fall fashion tips, to shake the leaves off the trees every time you pass one.
  • Plaid anything goes. Flannels can be rocked by both guys and gals. You can wear them under shirts, over them and even around your waist.
  • Jackets. There are so many varieties to choose from when looking for a perfect outfit. Today, the bomber jacket has come back into the fashion world. You can also choose from Pea coats, Jean jackets, fur coats, an evening coat ( usually a fancy silk, or cashmere) or even your favorite boyfriend hoodie that’s been hiding in your closet for sometime now.
  • Boots. The boots are key when it comes to topping off your fall look. Depending on the occasion will help you decide what boots will fit best. For a fancy dinner, or a nice night out high-kneed boots is the way to give you more of an appeal. A casual look would match best with ankle booties, or mid-calf boots. In my opinion, suede and leather is the way to go.
  • Accessories. An easy beanie and scarf always compliments the outfit, plus keeps you warm.

Fall Sweets

Fall foods always know how to hit the spot. Especially the dessert during this season. Pumpkin everything is what fall is about. Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, cookies and muffins.  Some other commons favorites would be: apple turnovers, roasted squash, apple and pear pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato pound cake.

Cuddle Season

Lets admit it, who doesn’t like a little affection in their life? Cuddle season is here, and we are all ready for it. No more sweaty nights and time to start hogging the sheets. Plus,  It’s time to gather with your loved one, best friends and pets and enjoy one another’s company. It’s the perfect season to start gathering around the fire, and to tell each other spooky tales in spite of Halloween.  Who doesn’t like a little Netflix and chill, as today’s day and age would call it.

Colors in the sky

Fall is finally the time of year where you can see colors in the air, and everywhere that you look. It’s the time of year where the autumn leaves start to fall and the world becomes more vibrant. Each year, during this time the beauty of fall colors are revealed. So get out your cameras and capture the colors while you can.


For the Bros

Tis’ the season, for basketball season. Here comes the shouts, the screams and the hoorays. Basketball season starts on Oct. 25 and you can already imagine what that entails. Constant hogging over the television, constant excitement and a lot more ordering pizza. That’s OK, we can all use a little family bonding. Just another perk of fall.


Saved the best for last. Whats fall without Halloween? The moment you notice your neighbor’s  front yard decorated with scarecrows and pumpkins you know you have officially entered the fall season. Scary stories and Halloween parties, what more can one enjoy. Plus being overloaded on all the discount candy sold the day after Halloween. I’m more than excited about dressing up in who knows what, and watching scary movies. F is for fall, but it’s also for Frankenstein.


Now go on and enjoy fall, before winter comes along.