Staff’s Top 10 Halloween Film Picks

You’ll Float Too: Bill Skarsgård plays Pennywise in 2017’s “It,” adapted from the iconic Stephen King horror novel. (Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy)

Lariat staffers provide their top 10 scares for the season

“A Quiet Place”
For some people, the thought of not being able to speak and/or hear their own voice is horrifying enough. Try going a whole day without saying a word and tell us if you can use it as a means of survival. John Krasinski has brought the horror genre to whole other level with “A Quiet Place” demonstrating a great lesson in when to keep your mouth shut.

“Hocus Pocus”
As a kid this movie was the ultimate nightmare. Kidnapped by three witches on Halloween who seek immortality and choose trick-or-treaters as their feast. Omri Katz (Max), Vinessa Shaw (Allison) and a 300 year old cat have to save the fate of Salem.
“The Others”
In the supernatural film starring Nicole Kidman (Grace) features creepy paranormal sightings that haunt her family. As she waits for her husband to return from World War II, the plot twists in the ending to make it a must-see.

This movie proves that you should never live in the woods alone. And especially when you lose your hearing completely. Kate Siegel (Maddie Young) lives in isolation and of course, a killer appears and fights for her life.

This newly released horror film makes our top 10 list. The passing of Annie’s mother, Ellen causes disgusting and a chilling storyline which made it hard to watch. Tonnie Collette (Annie) believes she sees her mother and continuous paranormal sightings happen and it just gets creepier. You’ve been warned.
“The Grudge”
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Karen) has no idea what she got herself into as she nurses an elderly woman with an extremely haunted home that causes mysterious deaths. This film is filled with pop-out scares and Takako Fuji (Kayako Saeki) does a hell of a job being creepy af.

They do exist. In 1979, Ridley Scott created fear without showing it to the audience (until the very end). The genius of this sci-fi/horror film proves the transparency of an extra-terrestrial. You may not see it, but you can definitely feel it.

As southern Californians, the fear of the unknown that lies in the depths of the Pacific Ocean gives us all the chills. The only thing that’s colder than the ocean, is a sharks attitude. These mfs are cruel af and “Jaws” certainly gives us a glimpse into the horror of being attacked by one.
“Chernobyl Diaries”
If you’re looking to take a fun tour this Halloween season with five of your best friends, check out the Chernobyl nuclear reactor site located in Pripyat, Ukraine. The facilities are equipped with abandoned buildings, damaged reactors and unkempt grounds. However, the main event is definitely being scared shitless by radiation-exposed animals and children. The disfiguration in their appearances is definitely a site to see.

“It” (2018)
Oh, Pennywise, you scary-ass clown. The jolly, sinister smile you constantly express always brings me back to my days eating McDonalds. You and Ronald have both managed to simultaneously haunt my dreams and terrorize of my stomach. I always thought clowns were for children, until you ripped off my dude, Georgie’s arm with your middle-finger sized teeth.