Slutty guy costume ads


Baywatch Babe

Who knew being a babe could be so easy! All you need is a bright red one piece and a perfected slow motion run to show off all you got this Halloween season.

Slutty Sailor

Are you ready kids? Climb aboard this slutty ship of unnecessary arm muscles and chiseled jaw lines and make sure you’re ready to walk to plank.

Frisky Officer

No more boot camp and police training for these frisky cops, all you need is a tiny leather Speedo, some plastic handcuffs, guns that will definitely make the ladies scream, and a hat to tie it all together. Who knew being a cop would be so easy!

Village People in your Pants

If you have a small package this costume is for you! With the oversized headdress and face paint no one is going to notice anything else. Plus you get that relatable vibe for all of our ancestor lovers.

Get Lucky Leprechaun

Need a little luck in your life? For only $34.99 you will definitely have some people trying to get into your pot of gold.

Mr. Mechanic

You can fix anything as long as you put a little elbow grease into it.

You can Spartan Me

Spartans can be sexy too, right?

Hunky FireFighter

Got your ‘kitten’ stuck in a tree? Don’t you worry, this hunky firefighter has got it covered. With the ‘perrrfect’ t shirt abs and are dryer safe your night was just got a little hotter.