Sink Your Fangs Into Some Candy Corn

(Evelyn Mendoza/Lariat)


Even though candy corn is the emblem and traditional treat of Halloween, people would rather pull out pretzels and Circus Peanuts from their caskets to pass as treats. Boo, how can pretzels be Halloween treats when anybody can gorge on them as a regular snack throughout the year.
Or how about the bloodcurdling Circus Peanuts that are shaped as a peanut, but taste like a vampire’s meal that has become stale.
It is fair to say that candy corn can ride a broomstick to Halloweentown to claim that candy corn is a Halloween treat that should not be frightened by. In fact, candy corn has made a mark in history like other popular candies from the past.
To clear some superstitions candy corn first appeared in the 1880’s by a company named Wunderlee Candy Company meaning that candy corn was amongst some of the oldest candy to exist. Like most classics it has a ghostly mark and earnship of respect to the original treat of ghouls.
Eerie though to think that candy corn was once named ‘chicken feed’, imagine asking for ‘chicken feed’. Candy corn rules over other candies with its very own national day which is every year on Oct. 30.
The trick of candy corn is that a lot of other candies or treats have been haunting them, but candy corn pretty much rise’s from the dead every Halloween. Especially considering that even schools still make cut outs of them and even give students some as a sweet.
After all, candy corn cannot poison someone like chocolate which can contain nuts or other things that may lead a person to be buried with the mummies. Candy corn is made with simple mixtures of sugar, fondant, corn syrup, vanilla flavor and marshmallow creme according to Jelly Belly Candy Co. that has been creating candy corn since buying it from the original owners.
Reap about the fact that candy corn can also be used to make spooky designs with either making them as a decoration object or a treat at a party full of monsters. Like creating an actual corn using candy corn to stack on each other as it shapes up into the shape of a real husk of corn.
And to be extra, creative people can just throw them at people that keep pestering them on Halloween as snowballs with sugary love to accompany it.
Lets unearth the truth, candy corn does not have a bitter flavor like organic treats or spells from witches. Instead candy corn an inexpensive yellow, orange, and white treat with a distinct flavor that is not overly sweet, but sweet enough to promise cavities in the future can always be recognized when consumed.
So one does not need to feel entirely spooked rest assure that candy corn is the least likely to give you tons of sugar or calories because a handful of them contains about 28 grams of sugar and about 140 calories to keep the dead weight off.
And if calories or sugar does not scare one away then watch out folks because candy corn is like a beer and there is nothing like a good beer to quench your thirst.
To dust the cobwebs away, candy corn is the blood of Halloween because candy corn will be passed on through generations like all the vampire that rises from the dark.