Neighborhood guide for the best-ever Halloween yet!

Trick or treaters, boys and ghouls alike take the streets one day a year in an attempt to top last year’s Halloween experience.

Halloween is judged by how frightening, how eerily decorated or how elaborate this fateful night is discovered. On a side note, for the little ones, it is also judged by the best and most bountiful candy given out!

Here is a quick list of where to go to get the spookiest experience:


Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano is said to be truly haunted. This is because in the heart of Los Rios Street, sits the Montanez Adobe. This Abode was home to Native Americans. It is said that the ghosts of the Native Americans still linger around Los Rios Street and if you’re very lucky, they may choose to not bother you.

A nearby historical restaurant, El Adobe Mexican Grill, has also reported suspicious occurrences. Well, it did used to be the site of the old jail in days gone past, so who knows who just may still be “hanging” around.


Boot Hill in Irvine becomes a family-friendly haunted attraction. Portions of the neighborhood are blocked off to become the old west. Boot Hill are a series of mazes that will be sure to frighten even the toughest of cowboys.


Nellie Gail Ranch is notable for being the neighborhood with grand large houses. With that being said, it is expected that they give out just as grand an assorment of candy and to this they won’t disappoint. In fact, Nellie Gail Ranch appreciates Halloween so much that it’s common to find block parties and other Halloween events throughout the neighborhoods. Trick or treaters are advised to bring a bike, scooter or skateboard since the houses tend to be spread out.


North San Clemente is an undisputed gem of Southern California. The beautiful cliffside houses overlooking the beach, making it one of the best sunset sites on the West Coast. The cost of living in North San Clemente varies greatly, ranging from the average house to impressive mansions and even small beach abodes. Trick or treaters break out their beach cruisers and ride down this area, reveling in the glory of the coast, just as much as in their anticipation of the loot awaiting them.